Are these the best t-shirts in the world?

Now, we’re not saying they definitely are the best t-shirts in the world, because we’re far too unassuming and modest for that.

Oh, and the advertising watchdogs won’t let us, just because we can’t ‘prove it’ with ‘facts’.

But come on, look at them, they are the best t-shirts in the world, anyone with eyes for looking out of can see it.

So get your hands in your pockets because here is the Sunday Sport Summer 2015 collection.

Just £14.95 with FREE postage and packaging!


For the man about town, the Cock and Ball instant classic


 Or for the urban trendsetters amongst you, the Drunk Goat Car Thief




For serious fashionistas try the Stoat Sex Slave


And of course for the true connoisseur we have the Tesco Bellend Lasange



There’s also the classic – Quaver Dogs, the Jacko Monkey Bummer and the Gordon Ramsay Sex Dwarf – and loads more at

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