My sex-mad missus brought step-sister into bed for nookie


Dear Hannah,

I’VE been going out with a woman for 12 months and she’s a real nympho.

I have a proper job on my hands keeping up with her in the sack and I often fall asleep at work because of it. She’s 32 and I’m 35 and we’re both divorced, which means we have plenty of time to shag. Fantastic It was fantastic at first, but she wanted it every single night as soon as I walked through the door – and more than once, too. About three weeks ago my girlfriend asked if her step-sister could come to stay as she’d fallen out with her fella and had nowhere to live.

I’d never met her before, but I agreed and the next day there was a woman stood outside our house with her suitcase. I thought this would finally mean I could get a decent kip as with someone else around the house, I thought there would be fewer opportunities for nookie. She stayed over that night in the spare room, but the following night me and the missus were just getting down to doing the dirties when we heard crying coming from the guest room.

We both went to see if she was okay but it was obvious she was having a hard time following her break up. To my surprise my girl told her to come to our bed and try to get some kip with us. I lay on my usual right side of the bed and my bird got in the middle of me and her step-sister and we eventually went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was surprised to feel a hand on my erect knob. It was the girlfriend who whispered into my ear that she wanted a shag.

I pointed out that there was someone in the bed with us and she replied: “She won’t mind, she’s a randy cow too.” I looked across and her stepsister was lying there with a big grin on her face. Then, without any warning our guest rolled over her step-sis and on top of me. She started expertly rubbing my cock and balls as my missus French kissed me, her significant boobs bouncing as she did so.


Step-sis quickly took off her thong and then guided my nine-incher into her already soaking wet pussy. She then began to ride me up and down as I reached up and squeezed her erect nipples. The pace was relentless and I knew I wouldn’t be to hold back for long. As we bonked my girlfriend began frigging herself in front of us and soon we were all gasping as we reached orgasm. Then I shot my load into our guest as she climaxed, too.

This was followed by a scream as my missus brought herself off. We lay there for a while before my girlfriend told me to shag her I was going at it nicely when her step-sister took hold of my hand and put it on her minge, which was still moist from my juices. She spread her legs and I fingered her as I bonked my bird. Since then we have been having nightly three-in-a-bed sessions but I’m more knackered than ever.

What should I do?

Hannah says…YOU poor thing – just think of all the blokes who’d like to be in your position and get stuck in!

Dear Hannah,

THERE’S nothing I like better than a hairy girl – it always gets me rock-hard.

Living on the south coast means I get to take regular trips over to France to pick up vanloads of booze for me and my mates. And what do French women neglect to do? Shave under their armpits, of course. I went over there before Christmas with a van to load up for the festivities. I was in the supermarche and spotted this attractive young Frenchie. As she leaned over a freezer, I saw a fine bush of dark hair under her pits. I was up behind her in no time and pressed my rigid cock in her crack. She turned and whispered she’d be on a break in a short time. After I’d given her directions to the van, she joined me where I licked out her minge while she gobbled on my throbber. I arranged to see her again but I’ve drunk so much since I fear I may not rise to it. Any ideas?

TG, Kent

Hannah says… A DE-TOX diet and you’ll be fine.

Dear Hannah,

I’M a rich executive who has worked his nads off to get to the top of an international company.

I have a lovely house, several cars and a beautiful wife. I also play a lot of golf and recently I’ve been indulging in something my wife and colleagues would find unusual… to say the least. A couple of months ago I hired a hooker to come to my office and spread her legs on the carpet. Then I used her fanny as a putting practice hole, playing toward her hairy gap. This has happened several times. She’s an accomodating girl and can squeeze three or four balls up there. Trouble is, on the links my putting has gone to pot without her moist love-tunnel to aim at. What can I do?

NK, Lancs

Hannah says… HIRE her as your caddy and use your imagination!

Dear Hannah,

I’M in an unusual situation because I’m bonking a gorgeous girl – and her MUM!

The daughter is 19 and is red-hot in the sack. We shagged on our second date — and she blew my mind… and my cock. We’d been to a pub and then for an Indian and when we got back to her place she slurped on my knob like an ice lolly. A couple of weeks later I went to pick her up for a trip to the cinema, but her mum answered the door and told me my girl was laid up with flu. She asked me in and minutes later she was all over me on the couch, rubbing my nineincher to hardness through my jeans. We soon got naked and I f***ed her in every hole – including her tight arse. I’ve been doing the pair of them since. What do you think of that?

PL, West Yorks

Hannah says… GREAT… until they find out.

Dear Hannah,

I KNOW summer’s a long way off but, in need of some exercise to burn off the Christmas and New Year excesses, I suggested a walk round a local beauty spot with my girlfriend.

As we drove there I remembered what had happened the last time and told her in graphic detail. Back then, in the heat of summer, we had set off for a stroll and took a breather on a bench by a lake. There I’d tugged down her strappy top and nuzzled her beautiful boobs. She gripped my todger before setting it loose from my shorts. As she gave me a hand job, I fingered her rather sweaty minge. By this time, my driving was getting rather erratic… and things got rather erotic.We pulled into the car park and my girl didn’t even let me out of the car before she was devouring my knob like a good ’un. We steamed up the windows as we shagged in the back seat. And we never did get to take that walk!

RF, Hants

Hannah says… I WOULDN’T worry about it –– you probably burned off enough calories.




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