Classic Sport Stunnas: Debbie Corrigan


DISHY Debbie Corrigan was one of the hottest glamour stars of the Nineties. Her amazing 32E boobs were drooled over by millions of men AND women and her face was plastered everywhere. Debbie, now 42, was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and left school at 16 to attend a business studies course at college. But she was also signed up to a modelling agency in Manchester and she soon became a topless star of Brit tabloids.

She moved to London in 1995 and a year later met and fell in love with the comic Jim Davidson. They were together for three years before splitting up. She later dated showbiz guru Simon Cowell but said he was rubbish in bed. “Making love to Simon Cowell is like going on a cross-Channel ferry,” she said. “He rolls on. He does the deed. He rolls off. And frankly I felt sick throughout.


“Simon seems to think he’s some sort of sex god. Personally I think he’s the spitting image of Dale Winton. “In words that Simon would understand, he’s not good enough. He’s not a bedroom idol, I wouldn’t even give him a score of one.” Debbie went on to appear in stronger boy-girl and girlon- girl photoshoots but has sadly now retired from the glamour business.




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