As new BBC series profiles fearsome Scandinavian invaders, we’re happy to welcome these Viking babes…


THESE Scandinavian stunnas will leave you hornier than a Viking’s helmet! Britain is currently going bonkers for history’s boat-building pirate raiders, thanks to the new BBC2 documentary Vikings, presented by glossy-haired Scot Neil Oliver.


But famous Viking Erik The Red has got nothing on our own saucy explorer, Malene The Busty. Meanwhile Marie Plosjo, Natacha Peyre and Natalie Andersson have all got mountainous areas worth invading, too! Top-heavy Malene Espensen, 31, hails from Aalborg, Denmark, and says her home nation’s casual attitude towards nudity means she’s 100 per cent comfortable in her birthday suit. The 32FF lovely revealed: “In Denmark, no-one is embarrassed about being naked. Why should you be shy about showing off your body?” Stripping Sexy Marie hails from Stockholm, Sweden, the home of nightmarish furniture store Ikea.

But there’s nothing ‘flat pack’ about the 27-year-old’s 30E assets. Top-heavy 36DD Natacha, 27, was born in Ibiza, Spain, but soon moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, where she became one of the country’s most famous actresses and pin-ups. Meanwhile 34E Natalie Andersson, 26, loves stripping-off in the saunas of her home town Malmo, Sweden.

Malene, who now lives in Clapham, south London, added: “Prudish Brits could learn a lot from Scandinavian women – because we’re all closet naturists!” The next instalment of Vikings is on BBC2 on Monday at 9pm.




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