A LEGENDARY dwarf photographer papped a girl – and he liked it – after taking these JAW-DROPPING snaps of pop babe Katy Perry! Curvy Katy is the latest sexy celeb to fall prey to our dynamic pipsqueak photographer.

After divorcing Brit comic Russell Brand and hooking up with US music lothario John Mayer, brunette Katy may have been hoping to keep a low profile during a recent visit to London. But she obviously hadn’t planned on bumping into our pint-sized lensman Papararsey Pete. The 4ft 3ins dynamo is a legend on the showbiz circuit, specialising in gusset shots of the world’s hottest women – like sexy Californian songstress Katy, 27. And he’s struck again after training his camera on I Kissed A Girl singer Katy’s knicker-clad snatch. According to recent reports, Katy has been down in the dumps after on-off lover Mayer, 34, told the singer she’s “fat and unattractive” – before then begging her for one more chance.


But lensman Pete, 43, reckons she’s a stunna – having recently glimpsed her most intimate regions. He said: “Everyone knows Katy’s the proud owner of an impressive top rack, but the lower half of her body is just as hot – and I’d wanted to get the pics to prove it for a while. “Luckily, Katy likes wearing nice short skirts, so it was pretty easy to get the shots I wanted. “And I can confirm John Mayer is very wrong – she’s got a cracking arse and fantastic pins!”




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