My mate’s big brother does the business


Dear Morgan,

I’M A 19-year-old girl and I have fancied my friend’s brother for ages.

He’s five years older than me so when I was 16 he was a babe magnet of 21. Anyway, I’d put all thoughts of him to the back of my mind until recently. I’d arranged to go out with my pal but when I arrived at her house, her brother told me that she’d gone away with her parents for a few days and must have forgotten our night out. When he saw my look of disappointment, he asked if I’d like to go out with him for a few drinks and I accepted.


We cruised a few bars and ended up at a club where we danced close enough for me to feel his sturdy manhood throbbing against my tummy. Later in the cab I put my hand encouragingly on his thigh. Then I leaned in close and told him that I’d always fancied him and I was pleased when he said he’d felt the same about me. Once in the house we went in to the lounge and casually flicked on the telly to find a soft porn movie playing. When he asked me if I’d like to watch it I blurted out: “Why watch it – when we could be doing it?” This brazen approach did the trick and he pulled me close and kissed me passionately. I slid my hand down to his zip and released his huge cock which was already stiff. I pushed him on to the couch, pulled the rest of his clothes off and set to work taking his length to the back of my throat.

I really enjoyed the musky smell of his helmet and balls and I spent ages slurping and sucking on his big, juicy cock. He seemed to really enjoy what I was doing, and he kept on making long, low moaning noises – especially when I deepthroated him. As he was about to climax I got up, ripped my knickers off and slid down on top of his rampant dick – riding him until he finally orgasmed. I was still feeling really randy and he used his fingers to massage my clit until I screamed in ecstasy again and again. But the problem now is that I’m a bit worried about my pal’s reaction when she finds out.

What shall I do?

TC, Kent

Morgan says: IT will hardly be a shock after all these years you’ve spent lusting over him – so get stuck in, girl! He sounds a dream.


Dear Morgan,

I AM a 19-year-old fella who is going out with a gorgeous girl the same age as me. She is 5ft 9in, with long legs, long, brunette hair, HUGE boobs and a perfect, big arse – like that Kim Kardashian bird.

The trouble is she won’t let me shag her because she says my cock is TOO BIG for her! It’s 11 inches long and seven inches in girth when erect. I’ve never had any complaints from my ex-girlfriends – just my current missus. Anyway, over the summer she invited me to stay over at hers – she still lives with her parents. It was the first time I met her old folks and they seemed like a really nice couple – very relaxed and generous with food and booze. And her mum looked like a slightly older version of my bird – I bet she was gorgeous in her day! The first night I was there I was in my bed, a little tipsy from a few beers and some wine we shared with tea, and the door inched open and someone crept in. The next thing I know a sopping pussy was plonked down on my face and I felt a pair of lips wrap themselves around my cock. So I was there in the dark, in the 69 position, licking for all I was worth as my huge cock got sucked like never before. And I was just about to blow my load when she twisted round and pushed her sopping wet pussy ON my dick – slowly taking every inch inside her. I was in heaven as she rode me expertly – I’d waited so long for this moment and had been dying to get my cock wet.

At one point, she had to put a hand over my mouth, as I must have been making too much noise and she clearly didn’t want me to wake her parents up – who were asleep in a bedroom across the hallway from us. She rode me for 10 minutes and it wasn’t long before I orgasmed inside her. But when the bedside light got switched on, it was my girlfriend’s mum staring back at me – while my drooping cock was still in her! What should I do? AG, Northern Ireland Morgan says: TELL the mum to give her daughter some lessons! Dear Morgan, I’VE only just stopped laughing after reading one of your hilarious Agony letters – about the guy trying to hit a dartboard with his moneyshot. He started to cry when it dribbled down his leg – and I was just pissing myself at his predicament! But it got me thinking and I hung a dartboard on the back of the kitchen door, covered my cock in washing up liquid and went to work. Just as I was about to spunk I took a run up and let the jizz fly.

But just then my mother-in-law opened the door and it flew straight into her face. Regardless of the fact my wife is now divorcing me, I reckon my well-aimed spunk shot was on course for the bullseye.

What do you think of that then?

HH, Herts

Morgan says: THAT’S double top!

Dear Morgan,

A FRIEND’S wife works as a stripper in a boozer near my office. She’s a busty blonde in her mid-30s and has shagged loads of the regulars in there.

A couple of months ago I watched as she did her show and then she offered blowjobs to some of the blokes there. Not surprisingly there were lots of takers and she sucked off about 20 fellas! She didn’t notice me until she was going home and went white when she did clock me. Then she explained that her husband knows nothing about her stripping and said that I could shag her every Wednesday night If I kept my mouth shut. To my shame I agreed because I’ve always really fancied her. The first time we did it was in my car. We went for a drink and then I parked up in a country lane. She wasted little time in getting my cock out and was soon tasting my spunk. We then got on the back seat and I licked her out before boning her from behind. She seemed to be loving it as pounded away. I’ve f***ed her in every hole and despite feeling guilty, I was enjoying our arrangement. But now she has told me that we’ve been spotted by one of her neighbours – who has threatened to spill the beans, unless we stop meeting. She says she wants to leave her husband and move in with me. But it’s the last thing I want right now.

What should I do?

PF, Birmingham

Morgan says: TELL her you’re not ready to live with her – or anyone else for that matter.

Dear Morgan,

I’M 37 and married with four kids. Me and the missus have a great sex life but I’ve been keeping a secret from her – I’m a transvestite.

A couple of weeks ago I’d put the kids to bed after she went for a night out with her some of her mates. I couldn’t resist the temptation and I started to put on her clothes. But her sister walked in on me and although I told her I was just trying them on for a fancy dress party, I’m sure she sussed me. Now I’m scared she’ll tell the wife.

Any suggestions?

TW, Cheshire

Morgan says: YES, tell her yourself. Many wives can be turned-on by their partners dressing up. And she can maybe give you style tips.

Dear Morgan, I’VE never shagged a professional footie player but I’ve done most of my local pub team.

I’m a brunette with 34DDs and sometimes I help out behind the bar. The lads who play are usually the fittest in the pub and when they won a trophy last season I gave them all a friendly tit-jig and felt their hard cocks. The other week the pub arranged a “prostitutes and pimps” party and the place was packed out with lusty lads and local girls all up for a bit of adult fun. I was wearing a red vinyl skirt with crotchless panties and red fishnet tights and I was getting loads of attention from both men and women.

As the night wore on – and the booze flowed – things got more outrageous. I remember being spread out on the pool table at one point, letting some of the lads have a lick at my pussy. Then eight of the team challenged me that I couldn’t have them all, one after the other. I was totally up for it and got them all seated in a circle and warmed them up with a lapdance. The first fella was an old pal and he rode me in grand style to the cheers of the rest.

Then I arched over the table and the next few were all quick firers. The guy I was dreading was up next, the team’s bruiser – over 6ft and pretty fat. It was hilarious when he stepped out of his pants because his cock was so tiny. By the end of the night I’d had cocks in every hole as I slurped and humped away. But the next day I felt a bit cheap.

Should I be ashamed of what I did that night?

HJ, Essex

Morgan says: AS you were all drunk you have nothing to be ashamed of. Just let them know it won’t be happening again.




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