Gabrielle Saint is BACK!


CURVY Czech beauty Gabrielle Saint left behind Eastern Europe to live in the trendy Portobello area of Edinburgh. And despite the wind and rain of Scotland’s capital, 32G Gabrielle reckons the nippy weather is great. The 25-year-old hottie said: “It can be really cold here, with the wind stinging your face – and we haven’t exactly had the best summer, have we? “It must also be the stiff nipple capital of the world! “I went shopping wearing a roll-neck sweater yesterday and was a little puzzled as to why all the men were staring at my chest. “It was only when I walked past a shop window and saw my reflection that the penny dropped –– my nipples were really standing to attention!”


She added: “My nips are the most sensitive part of my body. “Because they are bigger than most other girls’ nipples they seem to get really stiff really quickly. “That’s why I would never enter a wet T-shirt competition – because I would poke people’s eyes out!”




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