WHO needs 3D glasses when you’ve got saucy internet trends like THIS!

Mega-breasted babes from across the globe are flocking to take part in a sexy new craze posting snaps of their wobbly wonders onto the internet. And just one glance at this magnificent spread could well be enough to have your eye out! All of these jaw-dropping images have been uploaded shared social networking sites – by top-heavy lasses who just couldn’t keep their fabulous assets under wraps any longer. Mega-boobed 22-year-old Charlotte Johnson, from Gary, Indiana, couldn’t wait to unleash her palm-stretching 32GGs, posting: “Here they are, boys! The bigger the better!” Meanwhile Emma Brighton, 24, from Balham, south London, told browsers: “My boyfriend thinks I should be a glamour model. What do you think?” Web expert Mike Savage, from the University of West Lancashire, commented: “The internet is the greatest learning tool since the dawn of mankind, a gateway to enlightenment. “And it has also facilitated the ease of women with big knockers showing them to the world.”




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