I earn £20k a year from my bedroom


A 30-STONE lovely is raking in THOUSANDS of pounds a year – from the comfort of her own home. The cash is pouring in for Maisie Forshaw from men who are DESPERATE to watch her performing sexy dances in the BUFF. Maisie, 29, set herself up with a private pay-per-view website after getting bombarded with requests for NAKED SNAPS from online chubby chasers. She said: “I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of doing it before. Now I can be online for just a few hours a day and without doing that much I’m making £20,000-a-year. “My fans are men who appreciate the larger lady and I’m more than happy to fulfil their fantasies for them. “Not every girl is as skinny as a rake and not every man likes them that way. “When I was a younger, I struggled a bit with my weight and I used to be very self-conscious about it.


“Then a few years ago I started using online dating sites, and I realised how stupid I’d been and I learned to embrace and love my larger figure. “At first I started just chatting with the men, with the webcam off, but some of the fellas were so supportive I switched it on so they could see who they were talking to. “And the reaction was amazing – it was so nice to have all these men drooling over my curves – and saying some very naughty things, too!” Maisie, from Acton, Birmingham, said many admirers asked her to play with her boobs or bend over while she pulled her knickers down. She added: “There were so many men getting in touch and asking me saucy questions, so I thought ‘Why not?’ I’m broad minded, and this way I get to perform and get paid for it. “And the guys have the time of their life – so everyone’s happy!

“I used to work as a part-time cook and that only paid £13,000-a-year. “Buying clothes used to be a problem as I usually need them specially made or adapted, and that costs a lot of money. “Thanks to my website I can now afford pretty much anything I need and I’ve had a holiday to the Caribbean this year too. “One of my fans lives in the Dominican Republic and offered me a good time out there – and that’s just what I got! “I’m not telling you what we got up to, because a lady never tells. But let’s just say I left him with a smile on his face and I hope to go back at Christmas! “All single girls should do it. It’s a great way to make money and meet new friends.”




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