Dear Julia,

I’M a 26-year-old single girl with a big appetite for sex. I know what I damn well want and I don’t mess around in getting it.

One-night stands are my big thing. I’m not bothered about fancy chit-chat, being wined and dined and all that stuff. Just give me a wild night’s dancing in some steamy club with plenty of drinks and I’m ready to screw the arse off any and every good-looking fella who comes my way. At least that’s what my life has been like for the past few years. But now I’ve met someone who could be Mr Right – and I find myself facing a big dilemma. It began, as usual, with me having a few drinks with a couple of girlfriends in a wine bar. I was on my third vodka when he walked in – what a hunk! He’s a shade over six feet tall with an athletic physique, short spiky hair, a tanned complexion and a smile to melt your knickers off.

I wasted no time in giving him the eye but he seemed to be ignoring me. So when he went off to the gents I followed him in and dragged him into an empty cubicle. I ripped open his black Armani shirt to reveal his bronze torso and bent over to lick and nibble his nipples while slipping my hand in his flies to massage his hardening dick. I then dropped to my knees to suck him stiff while kneading his balls with my hand. Without a word, he pulled up my dress and plunged two fingers into my moist c***, working them in and out for a while before making me stand up with my back to the door. He pushed his nineinch manhood deep into my pussy and began humping me hard against the door.


Even with all my experience I can say it was the best shag I’ve ever had and we were both screaming with pleasure by the time he exploded his hot spunk inside me. Since then we have been dating on and off – always finishing with a shag, either at his place or mine. I love his company but my problem is that the sex has never come close to matching up to that first time.

Should I stay with him or go back to my one-night stands?

SF, Teesside

Julia says: THAT depends on whether you want a proper relationship with this guy or just a shag. Try recreating the naughtiness of that first romp.

Dear Julia,

I’M a student and, as you can imagine, money is tight. To save paying rent I’ve been shagging my landlord for the past six months.

I knew he fancied me as he often complimented me on my figure and said: “Blondes with big tits are just my type.” At first it was OK, blowjobs and doggy-style mainly, but in the past few weeks his demands have become more perverse. A couple of weeks ago he asked to tie me up, gagged me and spanked me before he spunked all over my back. And the last time he asked to tie me up again so he could take me up the arse. I refused this point-blank, and also a suggestion that he could bring pals around for an orgy. The idea does turn me on, but I’m a bit wary of strangers.

What should I do?

DF, Darlington

Julia says: FIND somewhere else to live and find the money to pay your rent. This man is bad news for you.

Dear Julia,

I’M a sexually active 33-year-old bachelor who has been dating a blonde divorcee for the past three months.

The other week we were chatting about people’s sexual kinks and after a few drinks I confessed that I had an interest in leather. She was not shocked. In fact, she seemed highly amused. The following weekend, much to my delight, she turned up wearing a tight leather mini skirt and thigh-high boots. My dick shot up as soon as I saw her and when she produced some cord to tie me to the bed, I almost creamed myself. Shaft Once I submitted to her, she yanked off my trousers, pulled out my throbbing hard cock and guided it into her moist fanny. She rode my shaft hard and fast as she fingered her clit and I shot my load within a minute – something I regret as I was enjoying it so much. She said that what was important to her was finding someone who shared her delight in leather and bondage.

Am I one hell of a lucky fella or what?

RE, Notts

Julia says: GREAT! But try to indulge in “normal” sex now and again too.

Dear Julia,

I’VE started wearing my wife’s underwear. When I say “wearing” I mean “w*nking” in them.

Last week I put on a thong, shaved my pubes and covered my privates in yoghurt. Then I beat one off. Just then my wife came home early from work. She’s left me now and taken all her knix. What can I do?

TW, Manchester

Julia says: BUY some from M&S.

Dear Julia,

MY wife and I recently had a baby and we haven’t had sex for a while – so I’ve been shagging her mum instead.

She recently got divorced and has still got a lovely body. She’s brilliant in bed and loves giving me blowjobs and having me explode all over her massive tits. She’s much more adventurous in bed than my wife. She especially likes to be taken doggy-style while I rub her clit with a vibrator. She also likes to be shagged while she’s tied to the bed with silk scarves. The last session we had she dressed up as a nurse. She looked fantastic in a skimpy uniform and stockings. Screwed She started sucking my cock before I took her into the dining room, bent her over the table and started pumping her. We then went upstairs and screwed all afternoon. As I was leaving she told me that the next time I went round she planned to dress up as a French maid. I should feel like the happiest man in the world as I’m shagging a nymphomaniac older woman, but I feel so guilty. If she wasn’t my wife’s mum I think I’d be OK.

What do you think I should do?

MG, Derbyshire

Julia says: YOUR idea of an ideal world doesn’t exist. You have to decide whether you want to stay with your wife or not.

Barmaid nymph’s greedy for tips

Dear Julia,

A FRIEND of mine recently started seeing a barmaid from our local pub. She’s not really my type – big boobs, bleached blonde hair and so on –– but he gets on with her really well and I’ve never seen him happier.

He reckons she’s a right nympho too, and he’s always going into great detail of how he shags her in the back room after closing time. I’m still single and don’t have much luck with the ladies. having a game of darts when he told me that he was going to give the lass a seeing-to over the pool table once everyone had gone home. And he said that if I fancied watching I should go the gents toilets just before closing time and hide in one of the cubicles until the coast was clear, at which point he’d come in and tap on the door to let me know I could come out. I did as he said and after about 20 minutes there was a tap on the shithouse door. But when I opened it the barmaid was standing there naked and my mate was sitting on the sink with a grin on his face. She said: “Do you fancy a f*** or what?” I was so gobsmacked that I couldn’t answer her. Sucking She undid my belt, dropped to her knees and took my limp manhood in her mouth. It soon went stiff as she started sucking on it and then my mate dropped his pants and this bird started swapping from my knob to his. I shot my load and my pal followed soon afterwards. Then he got the barmaid to bend over the sink and he shagged her doggy-style. This bird has now finished with my mate and has offered to shag me. I’m tempted, but don’t want to upset my friend.

What should I do?

TG, Sheffield

Julia says: ASK your mate if it’s OK




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