Beryl, 75, has made a staggering £62k in the last year


GUMMY granny Beryl Hartley likes to wrap her dentures around more than a Werther’s Original – because she bonks men for money. The sweet-natured gran-ofsix, who’s 75, has found a racy way to help pay her rent and bills, and keep her monthly £560 pension topped up. And that’s by offering her “mature” services and romping with randy blokes for £200 an hour as an OAP hooker.

Vintage vamp Beryl, from has raked in an incredible £62,400 over the last year – sleeping with men as young as 22 and as old as 87. She said: “I don’t discriminate on age, if someone would like to spend some time with me then I’ll gladly oblige – it doesn’t matter to me how old or young they are. “One of my regular clients is a very nice young man in his 20s. I was shocked when he first booked me and I asked him if he wouldn’t rather court a nice young woman his age.

“But he assured me he had a penchant for older women. I can see why – I’ve had a lifetime of sexual encounters and men like a woman with experience. “Before I got into escorting I had slept with 21 men, so don’t let this prim and proper exterior fool you. “I’m a very sexual woman and like to take the lead in the bedroom – a sort of matronly role – and I think that’s something men find attractive.” Beryl – who has posed topless EXCLUSIVELY for Sunday Sport to air her surprisingly shapely 34D boobs – began escorting two years ago after struggling to make ends meet on her state pension.


She said: “I saw an advert in the back of a local newspaper for an older woman offering escorting services and I was intrigued. “I’ve always had a high sex drive so thought ‘why not’. I was sick of struggling to pay the bills and not having enough money to go on coach trips and on cake sale tours with the WI.” Beryl, who likes reading Agatha Christie novels, making jams and cakes and doing word-searches in her spare time, joined an online escort agency and it wasn’t long before men were getting in touch. She added: “I suppose I was a little nervous before my first time, but once I’d had a nice glass of sherry to settle my nerves I felt much better. “He was 55 years old, good looking and said he was married but that his wife didn’t like sex. I told him he was a naughty little man and we started having sex. “I do wear dentures but I have to say they are fantastic when it comes to oral sex as I can just pop them out. Men don’t mind at all. I’ve been told that without them I have a mouth like a Dyson. “After that, I slipped off my briefs and we had full sex.

We started in the missionary position and then he moved me so I was on my knees and he did me from behind. “He didn’t take long to climax and afterwards I made us a nice cup of tea and gave him a lecture on the sanctimony of marriage. I think he enjoyed being scolded as he’s still one of my regulars.” In her first week as an OAP escort Beryl had nine clients and earned a whopping £1,800 – more than enough to keep her in boiled sweets for a lifetime. The former secretary, of Torbay, Devon, said: “I’d never earned that much before in my life. “The first thing I did was book myself in for a shampoo and set in the salon, and I treated myself to a new handbag from BHS. I’ve shopped there since C&A went out of business.” Beryl, who was widowed at the age of 60 when her partner Alf died, now sleeps with an average of six men a week. She said: “I’ve had a few strange requests which I’ve turned down. One man asked if he could give me a pearl necklace. I love pearls so said yes – but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. “I used to do seductive dances for some of my clients too, but I’ve had to stop that know because my arthritis has got too bad and the clicking was putting them off.”


Beryl says she’s far from ashamed about her racy career – and has even confessed her exploits to her daughters, Liz, 43 and Jennifer, 41. She said: “I don’t see any harm in it. I have no interest in finding a long-term companion at my age – no one would compare to Alf, he did things to me no man could, God rest his soul. Sleeping with men for money is just the job as far as I’m concerned. I get to have sex, and I earn more than enough money to live a comfortable life with and leave plenty behind before my girls. “I don’t care if people frown on it – I’m doing nothing wrong. My family support me and that’s all that matters.“ Daughter Liz, from Portsmouth, said: “Mum’s always been upfront about sex and a bit of a live wire, so when she told us about her job we weren’t surprised. “It’s nice that she has some company and gets some extra money so she can go on her SAGA cruise every year.” Beryl added: “It beats bingo and knitting, that’s for sure.”




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