“I bonked my way across America – by saying I was Prince Harry”

Brit Steve used Royal likeness to bed Yank women


BEING afflicted with ginger is not normally the passport to pussy. But lad-about-town Steve Phillips is beating off the birds with a shitty stick – because he is the spitting image of PRINCE HARRY!

The 21-year-old from Ripon, North Yorks, has just spent three weeks in the States on a road trip with pals. And his amazing resemblance to the 27-year-old prince meant he feasted on fresh minge EVERY NIGHT! Steve, who returns to his final year studying geography at West Lancashire University later this month, said: “The last two weeks, especially, were absolutely mental! After Harry got snapped in the buff in that Vegas hotel room the lasses were literally throwing themselves at me. “A couple of times I got asked if I was Prince Harry and I just played along to get my dick wet. “But most of the time the girls came up and said I was the spitting image and it just went from there. “Any road, it normally ended up in a scuttle. They love it up ’em those Yank girls. Much dirtier than lasses from Ripon – and that’s saying summat!”


Steve found out that being a doppelganger for the fun-loving royal was a ticket to tw*t soon after landing in New York in early August. He said: “We were in this club a couple of hours after we checked into our hotel and within minutes there were lasses all around me. Most drifted away when they found out I was not Harry, but enough stayed to make it interesting. “My mates Mike and Dave also got a dip with my leftovers – everyone was a winner.” And it was the same story all along the 2,800-mile road journey by hire car across the States. He said: “Of course, when Harry’s Vegas antics became front page news the shagging stepped up a gear. “Me cock’s shagged raw! What a holiday – and all because I look like Prince Harry. If I ever meet the lad I’d shake his hand!”

Meanwhile, staff at the Wynn Hotel – where Harry was snapped playing strip billiards – have reportedly been warned to keep quiet about the scandal. Owner Steve Wynn personally notified employers at the luxury hotel that anyone caught talking to media would be fired, it was claimed. “Staff members have been reminded once more to keep their mouths shut about anything Prince Harry-related,” a source told Yank website Radar Online. “It’s against hotel policy to discuss guests normally, but Steve thought it best to let staff know anyone caught talking about what happened will be reprimanded. “He has warned them they will lose their jobs if they are suspected of blabbing to the press.”




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