In three years at uni, we’ve bonked 1,000 guys between us


PARENTS will be banning their kids from university after a shock doc revealed exactly what happens when they leave home to get their degrees.

Forget lectures, libraries and late-night learning, these students can barely fit in any studying thanks to all the SHAGGING they are doing. Kinky undergraduates Bella Jennings, 21, and Sophie Miller, 22, have just graduated from the university of West Lancashire. But it’s a miracle they got their degrees at all. Viewers were shocked when the tasty pair told how the only cramming they did was of the cock variety. In what will come as h o r r o r viewing for their folks, they reveal they bedded more than 1,000 men between them during their three years of study. And they allowed the cameras to film most of the saucy action.

TV channels are now going crazy to snap up the documentary by Big Beaver TV Productions Ltd – which followed the two girls from the start of their degrees in 2009 through to their graduation in July this year. Bella, from Aldershot, Hants, said: “It makes for pretty wild viewing – I’m not sure parents will ever let their kids go to uni! “We’re not ashamed of anything on the documentary – it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of university these days. “Admittedly, not all girls will sleep with 500 men each in three years, but if they’re honest they would if they could.” Best pal Sophie, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, added: “Bella and I met on the first day in our Halls of Residence and bonded straight at away, we both had a love of partying. “In Fresher’s Week we found out the older guys have this ‘F*** a Fresher’ competition to see who can sleep with the most. “So we had a ‘Screw the Student’ contest of our own. In my first week I’d slept with 22 and Bella with 19 – from then on we were friends for life. “

The pretty blondes have on average slept with three or four people a week EACH over the past three years. Bella says there’s no shortage of opportunity to meet men at Uni. At one point – after a night with a foreign exchange student – she tells the camera: “Uni is a meat market.” But Sophie quickly adds: “To get a degree – that was important to us as well as having fun.” The Undie-Graduates will be broadcast next summer.




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