Banned from the pictures…for being GINGER!


HOLY discrimination! Batman fan Brian Wittenstock claims he was BANNED from seeing the new Dark Knight Rises movie – because he has GINGER HAIR like killer gunman James Holmes!

Homeless Brian had saved for weeks so he could afford a ticket to watch Christian Bale’s latest outing as the Caped Crusader. But when he pitched up for a “cheap seats” showing he got booted out by a commissionaire. Still nursing a bruised bottom from where he landed on the pavement outside the Roxytown Crucible cinema in Leeds, Brian, 31, has vowed to fight what he calls “blatant gingerism”.

Slurping strong lager to help his get over the affront, Brian – a former trolley collection operative for a leading supermarket – said: “I will not take this lying down. “I know that after the terrible massacre in Denver, cinemas are going to be a bit more wary. And I know I resemble James Holmes, especially with my ginger hair. “But to deny me access on account of my hair is like barring a disabled or black person. “It’s blatant discrimination and I will seek compensation for this gross insult. Later, I am speaking to my friend Alan who knew an ombudsman before the cider took his mind.”

But last night the manager of the Roxytown Cruicible, one of the few remaining independent cinemas in northern England, denied discrimination. Lionel Defrere said: “It is true that this gentleman was ejected from the premises on Wednesday. “But it had nothing to do with the colour of his hair. According to my staff, he was visibly and noisily drunk and apparently had not washed for some months.” Batman Killer James Holmes, 24, is awaiting trial for the gun rampage that killed 12 and injured 58 at a midnight premiere of the latest Christopher Nolan movie. Security has been stepped up at cinemas around the world to guard against copycats.




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