“You can feel them more if they’re big”



SARAH: Have you ever dropped your knicks for a complete stranger?
KATIE: No! I’ve never had a one-nighter. My boyfriend and I split up recently though, so I’d be surprised if I didn’t have one in the future. I can see why they’re a good thing if you meet someone out who you really fancy. I’d just be a bit worried I’d regret it the next day. Have you had any?
SARAH: Yeah mate, you’ve got to get stuck in. I’ve had three.
KATIE: Ooh, I’d better crack on then! Was it good sex?
SARAH: God knows, I was drunk each time. I’m pretty sure two of them were crap in bed. The other one was like the Duracell bunny, though – he just kept going and going and we had a great time. He made me feel quite special, he even made me a cup of tea and a piece of toast in the morning. I’ve no doubt I’ll have more. They’re fun when you’re drunk and a good way to practise some moves.
KATIE: Practise? Are you entering some sort of competition?
SARAH: Very funny!


SARAH: So come on then, o prim-and -proper one, how do you get your oats?
KATIE: My favourite is reverse cowgirl. Girl on top is best because it puts you in control and that means you get to decide how fast you go and how deep it goes. If you do it reverse they get a nice view of your bum going up and down, plus they can reach round and feel your boobs – and if you’re having a fat day they can’t see your tummy.
SARAH: Oh good plan, Batman. I prefer doggy style. It’s the best position to get him in really deep, that means you’re more likely to have an orgasm. I love it really deep, it really gets me off. Then I can grind against it. God, it’s good!
KATIE: I also quite like sitting on a guy’s face as you get really good oral sex that way, and men seem to love it.


SARAH: What was your first time like?
KATIE: I lost my virginity when I was 17 with an ex-boyfriend. We’d been going out for about a month and were both virgins. It wasn’t very good because it hurt. It went on for about 15 minutes and I was quite relieved when it was over. It wasn’t nearly as big a deal as I thought it was going to be.
SARAH: I was 16 when I lost mine. It was with my first boyfriend. I made him wait five months, and although he wasn’t a virgin he wasn’t very impressive. But once I started I just couldn’t stop. I think I did it about 20 times in a week, it was such a nice, fun, free thing to do.


SARAH: Do you have any particularly crazy sessions to tell us about?
KATIE: Having sex in different places is always fun. I’ve done it in a car and in a nightclub toilet and both times were pretty good, if not a little cramped and awkward. The nightclub toilet was my favourite. That was with my ex and was a drunken spur-of-the-moment thing. My ex pulled me into the loo, reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down, then sat on the loo seat and pulled me on top of him. People must have thought there was someone with an upset tummy in the loo because I was moaning my head off.
SARAH: OMG that’s totally wild! I’ve done it in the sea, in a park and in a club toilet as well. My favourite was when I did it in the sea in Greece. The buoyancy of the water made the sex effortless and slow and passionate. There were people nearby but they didn’t realise what we were doing. That was all part of the excitement, though.


SARAH: Does the size of the boat count, or is it the motion of the ocean?
KATIE: I’m sorry but willy size does matter because sex is more likely to be better when the guy has a bigger willy. It just is, it’s a fact! No woman ever boasts about incredible sex with a really tiny guy, do they? You don’t hear girls all wide eyed and giggling saying ‘Ohh it felt so good – it was four inches!” over a glass of wine in the pub.
SARAH: Very true, the bigger they are, the better. You can feel them so much more when they’re a little bit bigger. One of my ex-boyfriends had a nineinch willy. The problem with him was that he was lazy, so I’ve actually had better sex with guys who weren’t as big – but obviously I’m not talking small.


SARAH: Do you have any kinky fantasies that get you going?
KATIE: My fantasy is to have sex with a hunky guy dressed as a fireman. The whole fireman thing really does it for me. I would love for a man to get a uniform on – and let me slide up and down his pole! How about you, babes?

SARAH: My fantasy’s to have a threesome with another girl and a guy. The idea of having sex with two people at once is a turn-on and it’d be fun to experiment with another girl. I’d go for Cheryl Cole and Gary Lineker. With them you’d get age and experience, as well as a bit of beauty too.


SARAH: Do you like older guys?
KATIE: I don’t fancy any of my lecturers but I do have a pretty major crush on Philip Schofield off of This Morning. There’s just something about him that’s sexy, and he’s quite funny too. I’d sleep with him given the chance.
SARAH: All my lecturers are ancient. The oldest guy I’ve been out with was about 30 and he was good in bed. Experience counts for a lot. I don’t know if I’d sleep with anyone older than 30, though.


SARAH: Have you ever had an cringe moments during sex?
KATIE: Yeah, totally! My mum once walked in on my ex boyfriend having sex last year and I nearly died. We were going at it under the covers when she walked in the room and she looked horrified. She told me not to do it under her roof again. 
SARAH: I was having a one-night stand about six months ago when the guy’s mum walked in on us. She said hello and hastily left. It ruined the moment for us and I was dreading bumping into her when I left. Cringe!


SARAH: Do you like giving blowies?
KATIE: I don’t have strong views on blow jobs. I don’t hate them but they’re not my favourite thing. I tend to swallow when they come because you don’t get enough warning to do anything else with it.
SARAH: I don’t like giving blow jobs. I don’t like the fact I get nothing out of it. The only positive thing about them is that the guy feels compelled to return the favour.


SARAH: Would you take it up the arse?
KATIE: I’ve had bum sex a few times and I find it surprisingly enjoyable. In fact, it can be just as enjoyable as normal sex as long as you don’t do it too often.
SARAH: I haven’t tried it and I don’t want to any time soon. It grosses me out.




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