A HUNGRY dwarf was left feeling SLEEPY and far from HAPPY after attempting to eat Britain’s biggest BURGER!

The gargantuan ‘Hamlets Challenge Burger’ tips the scales at TWO STONE and contains a heart-stopping 45,000 calories – that’s 88 McDonald’s cheeseburgers. As well as a hub-cap sized bap and a 25lb meat patty, the £70 dish comes with two pints of milkshake AND a greasy bowl of thick-cut chips.

But Sunday Sport’s resident showbiz snappa Papararsey Pete was desperate to tackle the beef pile – which could feed him for TWO MONTHS! Our famished upskirt photo specialist Pete, 36, started well, tactically carving the burger into sections.

Diners at Hamlets Hotel & Restaurant, in Maidstone, Kent, have just two hours to gobble the nosh, which takes an hour to cook, to win the £500 bounty up for grabs. But just 30 minutes into his ordeal, pipsqueak Pete was having to loosen his shirt as it became soaked in his meat sweats. Eventually, with just a third of the burger tackled, Pete had to throw in his heavily-stained napkin.

The bloated shortarse said: “It was a bloody tasty burger, but I think I might have died had I carried on eating it. Let’s just say I’m feeling very full. “Tomorrow’s poo could be interesting! ” Restaurant boss Karan Sobti, 28, is the sadist who dreamed-up the contest after watching TV’s Man Vs Food.

He’s offering £500 to any COUPLE who can guzzle it down, but he warns: “So far nobody’s been successful – and we think the dish will remain undefeated for some time to come. “The challenge is for two people, really. It is probably too dangerous for one person on their own – and definitely too dangerous for a dwarf to attempt in one sitting!”




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