Dear Robyn,

I’M a member of a digital camera club and a pal told me he knew a woman who happily does “erotic poses”.

He gave me her name and number and I called to arrange a photo shoot at her house. When I arrived at hers I could hardly believe my eyes. She was drop-dead gorgeous, about 30 with a stunning glamour model figure and 34DD boobs.

We agreed a fee of £30 for the afternoon and off we went to her bedroom.

I could barely contain myself as she threw herself back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

I arranged my equipment and she stripped off. Then she started squeezing her massive tits and tweaking her nipples as I clicked away. She bent forward and took one of her stiff nipples between her lips and sucked on it as she reached between her thighs with the other. I could barely contain myself as she threw herself back on the bed and spread her legs wide.

So I moved in for a close-up as she parted her shaved, pink pussy lips with one hand and plunged two, then three slender fingers deep into her sopping fanny. My knob was rock-hard by this time as I watched her finger herself to the verge of orgasm, letting out little squeals of delight.

Glancing over at the bulge straining at my pants she smiled before moving over to me and unzipping my trousers. Then she unleashed my throbbing cock and she took my bell end in her hot mouth as I continued to take pictures of her giving me an energetic gobble.

She told me that she was really turned-on posing for porn shots like this and ordered me to f*** her in every hole. So I quickly popped my camera back on its tripod and switched it on to automatic repeat shutter mode – so it would take a frame every 10 seconds.

Then I hopped on the bed and gut plums deep, screwing her hard and fast doggy-style. She was loving it as I launched my manhood deep into her. Then we had a change of position and I lay on my back as she straddled me, easing herself down on to my full length. After I’d shot my bolt for the first time I got up and grabbed the camera to take some more close-ups, this time of my spent, sticky dick rubbing around her arsehole.

We carried on doing all sorts of different shots and positions and I soon filled up all my memory cards – but didn’t tell her! A couple of hours and several orgasms later we packed it in – exhausted. When I went home and transferred my pictures to the PC I found I’d got some great shots of her sucking me off and the up-close anal snaps are quite artistic too.

I’ve asked her if she wants to do a film but the only problem is that she wants £150.

Is this too expensive?

MG, north London

Robyn says: I THINK you’re getting a bargain.

Dear Robyn,

I’M sick of my wife complaining that I’m not giving her a good time in the bedroom any more.

She reckons I’m overweight and now she’s put me on a salad diet, saying it works for rabbits so it should work for me. But the woman next door to us says I can hump for Britain – and she should know!

HV, Staffs

Robyn says: SAVE it for the wife

Dear Robyn,

I’M a 78-year-old widower since my wife passed away 12 months ago.

She was 20 years younger than me so it was a bit of a blow when she died. I was cut-up about it, as I’m sure you can imagine, but then I met another nice woman down at the bingo and things are starting to look up again. She is 43 and she reminds me of my late wife. I discovered fairly early on in our relationship that she liked sex as much as I do. Me and the wife had a pretty active sex life and shagged at least twice a week. And happily, I’ve been able to keep my end up with my new companion. I was a little bit nervous about sleeping with her at first but I needn’t have worried.

When we made love for the first time it was fantastic as my Johnson did me proud, standing to attention. She was pretty impressed and orgasmed after a short while. And I’m getting a leg over at least four times a week now and she’s keeping me on my toes. I hope this letter will encourage other older fellas to keep going and keep active and healthy like me. The sex is keeping me young!

WD, West Sussex

Robyn says: GOOD for you…keep it up!

I’ve had ex’s mum and sister!

Dear Robyn,

I RECENTLY split from my partner of four years and since then I’ve been having the time of my life shagging her mother twice a week.

I’ve also been bonking my ex’s younger sister and her two pals! The mother’s very young-looking and gives the best blow jobs you could imagine.

She came round to see how I was feeling after the split and brought some wine. Then she let her coat slip open and gave me a saucy grin. The mum has a fine pair of breasts and the next thing she was on her knees sucking me off. We then had sex three times and it was absolutely amazing. We’ve been meeting regularly for sex ever since but two weeks ago my ex-girlfriend’s sister came round and said she knew about me shagging her mum. She said I’d have to f*** her too to keep her quiet.

The sister is only 18 but knew what she was doing and I soon had her bent over the sofa. But when she left she said she still wasn’t happy and that she’d come round the next evening with two of her mates to watch some porn. Soon after the DVD started, she was fingering herself and her mate was sucking on my knob. And it didn’t take long for me to climax. We carried on all night and all three of them sucked my eight-incher. I also shagged each of them and at one point I had three pussies staring me in the face. But I think I want my girlfriend back. What can I do?

FD, Essex

Robyn says: IT’s too late to turn back now!

Dear Robyn,

I HAVE this fantasy about sneeking into one of those laundromat places and stripping off to have sex up against one of their vibrating tumble dryers.

I’ve thought about it carefully and my girlfriend has agreed to join me.

Do you see any snags in this plan?

GW, Notts

Robyn says: SUD that! I reckon you’ll both be arrested. Why not do it at home against your own washer, while it’s on a spin cycle?

Dear Robyn,

MY missus is a kinky bitch and I love it when she sucks my toes and licks my balls during sex.

I even went along with it once when she asked me to shag her with fruit and veg. But a couple of nights ago, she asked me to f*** her with a large, German sausage from the supermarket. I refused and she said I’d have to make my own tea for the rest of the week!

CF, Strathclyde

Robyn says: SIT down with her and work out what you both want off the sex menu.

Dear Robyn,

I’M a average-looking 50-year-old bloke who works part-time in a multi-storey car park.

The other week a young woman asked if she could park her car in the disabled area just outside the office.

Being a bit cheeky, I replied: “You can park on my lap if you like!” And to my surprise she winked and said: “Any time, soldier.” So I allowed her to park in the disabled bay and she sat in her car staring at me with what I can only described as “shagging eyes”. Wee, I didn’t need much encouraging and went over. By the time I got into her car she’d slipped off her knickers and was busy fingering her wet fanny – I could see how moist her pussy lips were.

Then she leant over and whipped out my dick and she started to suck me off like she hadn’t eaten in days – slurping and dribbling down my entire length until I found it difficult to hold my rising climax any longer. While she was still bent over me, gobbling away, I leant around slightly and hitched her short skirt up and over her plump arse cheeks before gently sliding a couple of fingers deep inside her. Just as she started to reach an orgasm I led her out of the car and bent her over the bonnet.

Then I pushed my stiff cock into her and shafted her for what seemed like ages until she yelled out with delight and I whipped my knob out just in time to fetch all over the back of her quivering legs. I’ve had a few sessions with this girl since and she’s the dirtiest babe I’ve ever met. But now I’ve found out all our shags have been caught on CCTV and my boss says he will sack me if I don’t get this bird of mine to him shag him.

What should I do?

BG, Bedfordshire

Robyn says: IT’S up to her whether she wants to shag him or not.




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