IT’S a shame Andy Murray didn’t win Wimbledon – it would have been nice to have seen a Brit win it after all this time. Although I’ve never been that into tennis, it’s always great for Brits to win stuff and yet we always bloody lose! But I think the problem is we jinx everything by getting too excited about it.

It’s always the same with football and the World Cup and Euro championships – we put loads of pressure on the players and it’s too much for them. It’s the same in every sport – I hope they don’t do it for the Olympics otherwise we won’t win anything! I saw in the papers that they were calling him Andy Messi – comparing him to the amazing footballer Lionel Messi. I bet that just killed him – that’s far too much pressure to put on him. No wonder he bloody lost.

The papers should just leave him alone and then he might actually win! After the match the poor guy was in tears and you could see the disappointment on his face. It was awful.


I went to Wimbledon for the day last week and I had a great time. It’s always a great day out and I love the strawberries and cream and the Pimms and lemonade. I saw Serena and Venus Williams smash it in the ladies doubles finals – they are bloody brilliant those two. There was a great atmosphere and after the tennis finished for the day we went out into Wimbledon village.

I used to live there and I’ve always really liked it so it felt like going home. I never saw a Womble though!

I’M getting well into Fifty Shades Of Grey now and I’m excited about it being made into a film. I think a movie of it would be great but they need to choose the right actor and actress to play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. When I picture Christian in my head he looks like Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard who is in hit US vampire series True Blood. They need to make sure they cast someone who isn’t too good looking but has got something about him. If they pick a pretty boy it will ruin it. And for Anastasia I think it should be Megan Fox, she’d start out quite demure and then be absolutely stunning – just like in the book. She’s bloody gorgeous too.


On Friday I went to a charity golf day in Southampton to raise money for a children’s hospice. It was at Botley Park golf and country club and there were several former Southampton football players there. I saw former England player Matt Le Tissier and Welsh goalkeeper Paul Jones and they raised a lot of money for a really good cause.

In the evening we all had dinner and X Factor winner Steve Brookstein sang. I think he’s got a lovely soulful voice and I don’t understand why people give him a hard time. We had a chat afterwards and he was a really nice guy. He seemed really down to earth to me and told me his wife is expecting a baby next month so I wish him all the best.

ON Saturday night I went to Wales for step-daughter Shadae’s 21st birthday. We went to a club called Crystals in Newtown where she lives and it was mental – it looked like a community centre from the outside but then you walked in and it was a proper club! Everyone was lovely and friendly and cheerful – totally different from going to a club in London where everyone looks down their noses at people. I really enjoyed it, it certainly made a change!

I WAS a bit shocked when I read that Lily Allen is pregnant again – it only seems five minutes ago that she had her first baby! They will be very close in age and she’s going to have her work cut out – then I imagine she has a lot of nannies to help her. If I had a nanny I’d have hundreds of kids!

I SEE One Direction’s Harry Styles has been linked with a younger girl now – Caggie Dunlop from telly’s Made In Chelsea. At 23 she’s only five years older than him which is a lot less than the age gap between him and Caroline Flack and Lucy Horobin! I must say I love the fact that Harry has had a couple of women in their 30s – he’s proving that older women are the way forward!

Older women are much more experienced and a lot better in bed than younger girls who haven’t got a clue and then the man has teach them everything. Women in their 30s are not only more experienced they are also more eager to please! They think they have something to prove and they want to impress he younger man so it’s a double whammy! There seems to be a lot of younger guys going out with older girls these days – I mean why bother with a teenager!

WHY all the fuss about Michelle Keegan doing laughing gas? It seems to be the latest craze – sucking it out of a balloon. When I was in Marbella back in May they were all at it. At one party there were loads of people lying on a bed near me, all doing it over and over again. I was annoying them by saying every time they inhaled they were killing a few more brain cells! I just thought it was a bit sad. I stuck to just drinking, that’s enough for me. I think the people who do it are idiots but it’s up to them.




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