As sex novel breaks records, glamour babes try their hand at erotic writing


YOU’RE about to experience Fifty Shades of PINK as three of our sauciest glamour girls unload their attempts at steamy erotic fiction!

The world’s gone mad for sex stories with the release of new book Fifty Shades of Grey. Author E L James’ saucy trilogy is flying off the shelves and setting publishing records. The three books all explore the kinky side of bedroom acrobatic and include S&M, bondage, and cheeky bum fun.

But if you thought those tomes were jaw-dropping, just wait until you’ve read our trio’s self-penned efforts! We asked gorgeous 32D Linsey Dawn McKenzie, 33, sultry 32E Aaliyah Johnson, 25, and all-natural 19-year-old Emma K, a busty 32E, to put pen to paper.


And after tapping into their most X-rated and innermost fantasies, here are the eye-opening results. Aaliyah, from Woodford, north London, explained: “These are all our own words – they haven’t been ghost written by journalists and we haven’t been told what to say. “These stories are simply our real-life sex dreams laid bare for all to read. So enjoy!”

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

CHARLOTTE is the epitome of the word ‘petite’. She’s short, cute-looking and with large breasts that almost make her appear to be top-heavy. But appearances can be deceptive. Because while Charlotte looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, she’s also London’s most ferocious and hard-hitting dominatrix.

Charlotte, a 32-year-old brunette, once married but now divorced, opened the door to her Kensington mansion to let in her afternoon client – another wealthy banker wearing a pin-stripe suit. Charlotte was already in her PVC cat suit. After leading her willing subject down into her well-lit dungeon, the fun began. The banker stripped, exposing a muscular body clearly honed through years of playing rugby. He’d still be no match for Charlotte.

She tied him to a rack, naked. His cock was already semi erect. As her whip thwacked across his bare arse the noise echoed around the walls. The harder she spanked, the more he moaned in pleasure. Charlotte unzipped her suit to reveal her breasts, her nipples now hard and with a sheen of sweat on her cleavage from the efforts of her work.

Banker was now lying on his back as Charlotte strolled casually up and down his body wearing high heels, his face a mixture of pain and pleasure. She took his balls in her hands, rolling them around in her palms just enough to make him wince. His cock was harder and straighter than a lap dancer’s pole.


She’d had her fun, now it was his turn. As she slowly worked her hand up and down his shaft she ordered him to unload his warm mess on her boobs, barking at him, ‘If you spill a drop you’re going to have to lick it up yourself!’ And he exploded onto her chest in a matter of seconds, the balmy liquid forming illicit puddles on her cleavage. £1,000 pounds for an hour. Nice work if you can get it.

Emma K

JESSICA was secretary to one of the most successful law firms in London. It was a job that provided her with many pleasures – not least the fresh eye-candy in the of fice in the form of a new male office temp. As she sat at her desk, sucking intently on her pen, she planned how she was going to make her introduction one that he’d never forget.

As he got up to go to the stationery cupboard, she adjusted her tightly fitted skirt, which left nothing to the imagination, and followed him inside. He looked shocked as she slammed the door behind her and twisted the lock. As she turned around to face him she gave him a look which made his cock pulse with excitement. Unable to take his eyes of f this stunning woman, he watched as she slowly started to unbutton her blouse so that her protruding nipples were almost revealed.

Jessica, smiling seductively, bent over to the lowest drawer, ensuring he got a fine view of her arse and pulled out a length of parcel string.


She could tell he was excited by the ever-increasing bulge in his suit trousers – and that aroused Jessica even more. She forcefully pushed him against the drawers and tied his hands together behind his back. She knew she wouldn’t be needing his fingers as she was already wet enough and could feel the sweet moisture between her thighs.

Not wanting to waste any time, and being unable to control herself any longer, she pulled up her tight skirt to reveal her panty-less pussy. She quickly pulled off his belt and unzipped his trousers, letting them fall to the ground. Jessica spread her legs and bent over, inviting his cock inside her. Within a second, he was deep, hard, and probing her dripping-wet pussy and making her moan louder than ever. She bit her lip, trying to remind herself that she needed to be quiet despite the intense orgasm building to a climax within.

She bounced against his engorged member harder and harder, till she felt his cock throb and his cum squirt inside her. As she quickly got dressed and untied her hapless conquest, she whispered in his ear, ‘Same time tomorrow?’ And with that, she left the room, now stinking of sex, with her sexual needs met, and walked over to her desk as innocently as ever.

Aaliyah Johnson

SHE introduced herself as Sophie. She was a friend of my male pal, Joe. And Sophie was so beautiful I could barely get my words out ‘I’m ermmm…. Al…. Ali…. Aaliyah’. What an awkward moment. As we all shopped together, I tried to divert my gaze to something other than Sophie’s amazing cleavage.

We ended up in a lingerie store and Sophie bundled me into the changing rooms, with a handful of outfits. ‘Well what are you waiting for,’ she said. ‘Try them on.’ How could I get undressed in front of this stranger I’d met just 15 minutes ago? Not just a stranger, but a damn sexy one.

It was warm, and she smelled so amazing. I faced the other way, unbuttoned my skirt and slowly slid it down. I made sure I took my time. I clasped a bra strap in my hand, and slid it down my shoulder. I noticed Sophie’s eyes were in the region of my chest. I then shyly turned away and slid the other strap down. This time she was looking at me through the mirror reflection.


Sophie slipped into a pink, girly sheer babydoll. She wasted no time undressing and I nervously looked at my phone, to avoid awkward eye contact. I could see the outline of her bum through the flowy material of the babydoll. What a sight, and such a peachy derriere!

There was a moment of pure silence. She then put her hands in the curve of my back and pulled me closer to her. I slowly felt her boobs being pressed against mine through the fabric of our lingerie. I licked my lips to soften them and moved in closer to her. Our lips touched and I felt a spark of excitement. She kissed really slowly and passionately and her hands started to explore my body. Sophie took over and started kissing me from my lips to my chest, then down my stomach. I had tingles down my whole body, and the pleasure was so intense I kept moaning out loud.

Sophie’s hand cupped my mouth to keep me quiet and carried on teasing me in the most intimate ways with her fingers. She used the other hand to pull the ribbon of my lace body, exposing my breasts and hard nipples, taking them in her soft mouth. I unhooked the back of her babydoll, slid down the straps and it fell to the floor. I began to move my hands to her boobs. They felt incredible…




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