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THIS was the moment two Irish travelling WOMEN began trading blows in a bare-knuckle boxing scrap.

The yob girls punch and kick each other and pull hair in the fight in County Dublin. The chubby pair exchanged a series of vicious punches as they wrestled on the floor in front of a baying crowd.


In the background of the video – now doing the rounds on YouTube – a traveller man can be heard saying: “There’s nothing like a good bitch fight.” The bare-knuckle fight is believed to have taken place last month in a secluded area near the Wicklow Mountains.

Like their male counterparts, the feuding pair had a so-called “fair play” referee to ensure they both adhered to certain rules – like “no biting”. At one point the chubby blonde can be seen repeatedly punching her opponent in the face while a pal screams: “Bate her, kill the f***ing yoke.”

The fight eventually comes to an end when both women are on the edge of exhaustion. In 2009, it was revealed how travellers Winnie Sherlock and Rosie Quinn Molloy fought a brutal battle in Ennis, County Clare. That fight was also film and DVDs were available from market traders.




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