The Curse of Eric Sykes


THE showbiz world breathed a sigh of relief when comedy legend Eric Sykes died peacefully after a short illness.

The 89-year-old was one of Britain’s bestloved comedians and finest comedy writers, but Oldham-born Sykes developed a reputation as a harbinger of DOOM. Our nation’s graveyards are stuffed with the bodies of those who had the briefest contact with what became known in celebrity circles as The Curse of Sykes.

Celebrity statistician Arnold Snaith shuddered: “In his later years, Eric Sykes may as well have worn a long, black, hooded cloak and carried a scythe. “Just about every showbiz legend who worked with Eric found themselves with a oneway ticket to the afterlife.

“Spike Milligan, Frankie Howerd, Hattie Jacques, Tony Hancock, Tommy Cooper. They all worked with Eric and look at them now…dead as dodos. “While everyone will mourn Eric and fondly remember the contribution he made to British comedy, at least we can begin to hope that the carnage is at end.”




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