“I had sex in the loos on a train!”



NATASHA: Can you remember your first time?

KATE: Yes, it was quite funny because it was with a lad I’d fancied for ages and we were at a party. It was a friend’s house and his parents were away, so we’d all gone round. I was drunk and it was all a bit messy. We ended upstairs, on a bed among all the coats. It was over quite quickly and my head was spinning. I was sick everywhere straight after – over the coats and him. It was so embarrassing.

NATASHA: Oh dear. Have you seen him since?

KATE: No, thankfully I went to university not long after so I didn’t have to. What about you?

NATASHA: It was in my dad’s garden shed when I was 16! We were meant to be doing the garden, but it was a hot day so we’d pinched some wine from the cellar to drink and we kept sneaking into the shed. I had these tiny denim shorts on and my boyfriend couldn’t keep his hands off me. We’d done virtually everything else before and the inevitable happened. It was quite funny thinking about all the neighbours out in their gardens sunbathing while we were doing some potting!

KATE: That’s so naughty. Did your dad ever find out?

NATASHA: No, but he probably will now! FAVE POSITION

NATASHA: I think that garden shed gave me a taste for experimenting because we didn’t have much room. We ended up with me leaning on the work bench, looking out of the window while he slipped it in from behind.

KATE: I’ve got to admit that I like to be on top so I’m in control and I can tease him by drawing myself right up. If I slide slowly up and down on his helmet that drives him mad. It’s even better if you pull him up so he’s sitting up on the bed as well and you do all the rocking on top of him. That feels really deep.

NATASHA: I have done it sitting on top of him while he’s been sat on the toilet.

KATE: Yuk! Don’t you ever do it in a bed?

NATASHA: Of course I do now. But when I lived at home we had to do it anywhere we could, which meant we were very rarely lying down. We were always balanced somewhere awkward! He wasn’t using the toilet. The lid was down and he was sat on top of it. It’s good in the shower doggie-style too – as long as the water doesn’t run cold.


KATE: Do you like older men?

NATASHA: I like someone to take control in the bedroom, so an older man can be quite sexy because he knows what he’s doing. I like a man who takes his time.

KATE: How do you know?

NATASHA: I went for an interview in London and had a coffee afterwards. I was sitting staring out of the window and this businessman started talking to me. He told me he could show me a great view and I ended up in his hotel room. I know it sounds a bit naive, but I had originally gone up there to look at the view and ended up having a bit of a wild afternoon! I guess we were both a long way from home and it passed the time until I got my coach back to Wales. The sex was great but we didn’t swap numbers because he was married.

KATE: His poor wife. There are loads of older men I fancy so I know it’ll happen one of these days. ONE-NIGHT STANDS

NATASHA: I’m a bit like a kid in a candy shop. We are out virtually every night, everyone getting pissed, and no-one has to get up early for work. I’m not sure how many guys I’ve shagged here but I’m not the only one.

KATE: f it lasted all night you’d think it was a long-term relationship, wouldn’t you?

NATASHA: Cheeky! I get bored and I want to make the most of being young and being at university. I’m too young for a serious relationship. I shagged one guy on the train coming back from the summer break. We flirted, then I felt his hand sliding up my leg. Thankfully, there was a table so no-one else could see as he slipped his fingers inside my knickers. I told him I was going to the loo and to follow me in five minutes.

KATE: So you shagged him in the toilet?

NATASHA: Yes. It was an old train so I had to ignore the smell and people banging on the door.

KATE: You make me laugh. I must admit I’ve had one-night stands as well.


KATE: Have you got any fantasies?

NATASHA: I do get quite a thrill out of nearly getting caught and I’m quite impulsive. I don’t normally plan ahead. I’ve felt quite turned on by policemen who have told us off for being rowdy. Uniforms really do it for me and I’m always trying to persuade them to give me a lift home so I can play with their handcuffs!

KATE: I’d love to be at a wedding in a castle as a bridesmaid and I really fancy the groom. That would be my fantasy – sneaking off and shagging him while the wedding party is still going on.

NATASHA: I hope you wouldn’t do that at my wedding!

KATE: No, it would have to be at someone else’s.

NATASHA: You know now that no-one will ever ask you to be a bridesmaid!


KATE: Does size matter?

NATASHA: I’ve got to admit I was once in an Italian restaurant and the waiter was gorgeous. We stayed for drinks afterwards and I took him home. We were snogging on my bed and I slipped my hand in his pants. His cock was tiny! It was like a button mushroom. I told him I felt really ill and had a banging headache so he had to go home.

KATE: That is so mean. I can’t believe you did that!

NATASHA: Well I didn’t think there was much point carrying on. Most of the time it doesn’t matter because it is what they do with it that matters, but that was such a disappointment after hours of getting really excited in the restaurant!

KATE: I’d say that if it’s too big then that can be pretty off-putting as well.


NATASHA: Any embarrassing moments?

KATE: Apart from being sick all over the first guy I ever fancied? Yes. I once was in bed with an ex at my mum’s after she’d gone out. We’d been careful and used a condom. It had been carefully tied and put to one side. Next minute I saw the dog run off with something dangling in her mouth. It was the used condom. I had to run after the dog, naked, trying to grab the condom. Thankfully, I caught the dog and flushed it away before anyone came home.

NATASHA: I remember I’d been out all night with my mates, but then pulled this guy in the early hours. We ended up shagging on my hotel balcony in broad daylight, not realising that everyone down by the pool could see us.


NATASHA: I have done it once but never again. I think you should try these things but it just wasn’t for me. Maybe my fella was too big – I should have done it with that Italian waiter.

KATE: You should try it again. I love it. Just make sure you use lots of lube babe and take it really slowly to begin with.




Written by Sunday Sport

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