FOOLISH Johnny Tint ate his own HAND off after snorting new killer death drug BATH SALTS!

When most people think of bath salts, they imagine a hot, foamy, pine-scented soak. But increasingly the phrase is more likely to refer to the narcotic that turns human beings into FLESHEATING ZOMBIES! In recent weeks several people and even a DOG have been eaten by junkies high on bath salts.

But 36-year-old Johnny’s case is, if anything, even more bizarre – as it involves SELF CANNIBALISM! Now recovering in hospital after being found bleeding and close to death under a dumpster in Newark, New Jersey, Johnny said: “My mother always told me that drugs are bad but this is as bad as it gets.

“What the hell possessed me to eat my own goddamned hand? “I’ll tell you what possessed me…bath salts possessed me. It took my very soul.” Johnny’s drug-crazed antics have even robbed him of his livelihood. He added: “As a street juggler, how the hell am I supposed to earn a living with one hand?

“I have one message to kids out there – don’t take bath salts. I did, and look at me now. It’s my w*nking hand too!” Bath salts usually contain a substantial dose of methylenedio xypyrovalerone (MDPV) which can cause hallucinations, psychosis and dangerous behaviour.


Authorities describe its effects as a high similar to LSD-induced trips that could include palpitations and paranoia. In 2010, the US Association of Poison Control Centers received only about 300 reports relating to the usage of “bath salts” but by May 1 this year they had already seen 1,007 related reports.

Dr Daniel Bober, a psychiatrist, said: “Bath salts can basically turn a person into a wild beast. I’ve treated users in the emergency department who have extreme paranoia and superhuman strength to the point that they can break through handcuffs.”




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