“Take it slow …work your way up to it”



EMMA: I can’t believe I’m going to say this but the first time I had sex was al fresco. I was 16 and he was 18 and we couldn’t go back home because we’d have never got away with it, our parents would have told us off! We’d been going out together for six months, going further and further sexually whenever we had the chance. So we had done virtually everything else. One day we were walking back from town and we had to cut across these fields. It was summer and we stopped to have a snog. Well, it was a hot day and I had a maxi dress on so it was just too tempting. I sat on top of him, he pulled my knickers to one side and slipped inside. It was funny because it was broad daylight and we had to slow down whenever anyone walked past. My dress was so long it covered everything, so no-one could see he was inside me! It wasn’t until afterwards I realised that there were offices overlooking that field and anyone could have watched us. Still at least that was better than my mum or his mum catching us at it.

LISA: Mine wasn’t as exciting as that. I ended up round this lad’s flat after a night out boozing and I was so pissed I can’t even remember his name. He was someone I met in a nightclub, right at the end of the night, and he was definitely a one-night stand. I wanted to do it before I went to uni so I wasn’t a virgin when I got there. But it was all very clumsy. I kept slipping off the bed because of his horrible nylon bedding, and probably because I was so drunk. When I woke up in the morning I looked round the grotty room and just wanted to get out of there. As soon as he nipped to the shower I grabbed my clothes and legged it. Thankfully I haven’t bumped into him since because I’ve been away at university.


EMMA: Oh yes, we’ve been caught a few times. Once we’d done it in the field we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and did it everywhere! We did it in the toilets of a nightclub and the toilet attendant was hammering on the door. We were going to just carry on but she put us off our rhythm a bit. She hadn’t been in there when we went in the cubicle so we had thought we’d get away with it. She told us we had to leave but we didn’t care.

LISA: I got caught by my grandad once. I took one lad back during the half term break and my parents wouldn’t let us share a bed. So we ended up staying up late to watch a film in the living room. One thing led to another and we were naked, doing a 69, when my granddad walked in. We hadn’t even heard him coming down the stairs! It was so embarrassing. My mum told me off the next day for nearly giving him a heart attack!

EMMA: I got caught by my boyfriend’s dad. We were in the living room and they’d all gone out for the day. So I’d unzipped his trousers and was just giving him a quick BJ when his dad came back early and banged on the window! We’ve never got out of that house so fast. Funny thing was his dad was very charming to me afterwards, which was all a bit strange.


EMMA: One of my friends gave me a vibrator as a joke when we were on a hen night. It was only a little cheap one. We were all waving them about while we were out. I’d forgotten I had it until I tipped out my bag when I got home. Seeing as my fella wasn’t around I tried it and loved it. Now I’m always using it when he’s not around. We’ve even started using it when we’re together.

LISA: I wouldn’t dare do that. Doesn’t he feel inadequate because you’ve brought your own vibrator, like he can’t make you come.

EMMA: No, it’s great because it gets us both excited. Some people see vibrators as an alternative to sex but I think it’s made our sex life better. We use it on each other as foreplay and during sex. We’ve gone and bought a few more toys now so we can experiment. You should try it, Lisa, sex toys, tingly gel, and the chocolate body paint. We’ll go shopping together!


LISA: I like giving blow jobs. I know some girls say they don’t, but I do. What do you think, Emma?

EMMA: Yes I’m a big fan of blow jobs. I quite like them because I feel in control. I can tease him with my lips and tongue, and have him completely at my mercy. He’ll agree to absolutely anything when I’ve got him like that. I don’t mind swallowing either, it really turns him on.

LISA: I know what you mean I like to hear him groan, as long as he returns the favour afterwards and makes me come as well. It has to work both ways – favours for favours!


EMMA: It was only recently I tried it with my boyfriend. It was his birthday present. He’d been going on about it for ages and I’d always said no. But I was really stuck what to get him and couldn’t afford much now I’m a student. So I bought some lube and hid it under my pillow. He thought I’d completely forgotten about his birthday when I surprised him with it.

LISA: That’s some birthday present!

EMMA: I know. He couldn’t believe it. I told him to be gentle because it was my anal virginity he was taking. That really turned him on. Well it turned us both on. We were both shaking afterwards. It was really intense. Only problem is he wants it all the time now! But it’s a special treat for special occasions!

LISA: I’ve never tried that yet, although I have had guys try to do it without lube and that has really put me off.

EMMA: Some blokes try to surprise you and that is never going to work, you need to be able to relax. Take it slow and work your way up to it with fingers, tongue and then lube.


EMMA: I think I’ve done most of mine.

LISA: You can’t have done. I’d like to have a very public shag at most of the major events on a world tour! I’m a bit late for the Euros 2012 but it would be good to do the Olympics! Just to hear everyone cheering as we’re shagging somewhere in the stadium would be quite a turn-on.

EMMA: You haven’t got any tickets for that, either!

LISA: OK maybe a major tour of football grounds in the UK…or gigs! What about you?

EMMA: I’m going to have to say Robert Pattinson biting me, turning me into a vampire and then I can appear in any guy’s bedroom in the middle of the night and seduce him. Ha ha ha!


LISA: I used to think it mattered but some guys are incredibly good at oral sex so that can be such a good turn on that anything they do after that is going to be brilliant.

EMMA: I also think some guys with really big knobs become lazy because they are so proud of their knob they think we are all going to worship it and they never develop any other skills! The type of guy who has them don’t do much for me.

LISA: Exactly. It’s really not the size that matters but how they use it. If it’s too big you can be limited on what positions you use, otherwise it hurts too much, and just leaves you walking like a cowboy for the next week!




Written by Sunday Sport

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