Dear Morgan,

I HAD a flat tyre last month while on the motorway. I was getting loads of looks as I struggled with the wheel nuts as I’m a 23-year-old blonde with a good body.

I felt sure someone would stop to help but after 20 minutes I was beginning to think I would have to do it myself when suddenly a hunky guy in a white van stopped. He was a builder on his and on his way to a job and I fancied him straight away. I loved watching his big biceps bulge as he undid the nuts.

After he’d changed the wheel he asked if I fancied going for a drink so we drove off at the next junction and found a pub. We had a couple of drinks and I couldn’t believe how turned-on I was getting. I started stroking his thigh and asked what he had in the back of his van. He smiled wickedly as he led me to it and he cleared some tools away and lay down a blanket. We got in and I slipped off my dress and undid his pants.


I was delighted to discover he had a sturdy eight-incher and I licked his shaft before teasing his already glistening tip with my hot tongue. When he shot his load it was like warm Baileys and I gulped it down greedily. He then said he wanted to return the compliment so I eased off my sopping panties and he lapped at my aching pussy.

I couldn’t believe how deep inside me his tongue ventured and it wasn’t long before I spurted my love juices in his mouth.

Later we went back to his place and dashed to his bedroom where I asked him to tie me up and take me hard from behind.


It was such a fantastic feeling as his ramrod dick filled my juiced-up fanny and I came over and over again before I felt his hot spunk spurting over my bum-cheeks.

“When he shot his load
it was like warm Baileys and I
gulped it down greedily…”

We’ve been going out together regularly ever since and the sex is always terrific. Then last week we met one of his pals in a pub. We were all a bit pissed by the end of the evening and we went back to my flat which was nearby.

My fella started to f*** me doggystyle over the sofa while his mate watched. I found it a big turn-on and then the pal dropped his pants to reveal an even bigger cock. I felt a bit sluttish but couldn’t pass up on such an opportunity. It was obvious what he wanted so I gave him a good gobble and they both ended up shafting my brains out.

It was such an amazing night – it still makes my minge twinge now just thinking about it. He wants to see me with another of his mates. But am I being used?

JL, South Yorks

Morgan says: PROBABLY – but if you’re enjoying yourself, what’s the problem?

Dear Morgan,

MY bloke has been banging me like a randy ram for the past two months.

The other night he grabbed me the minute I walked through the door from work. And I could see from the bulge in his trousers that his more than adequate wedding tackle was ripe and ready for action. His hot hands shot up my blosue, flipped out my 40-inch boobs and he began to suck on my right nipple which was soon rock-hard. Then he moved his hands up my skirt and before I could even drop my bag, he’d pulled down my lacy knickers and inserted two fingers in my moist fanny. Next he had me spreadeagled on the stairs and we were soon banging away. But not satisfied with that he carried me upstairs and lay me on the floor of the bathroom where he shagged me senseless all over again. As I said, it’s been like this every day for the last month – and I am not complaining. But I have been wondering what has got him so hot and horny. I have searched every inch of the house for a stash of porn with no luck. I’d like to keep him as hot as this but have you any clue what might have brought it on?

DH, Cheshire

Morgan says: STOP worrying. If you’re both enjoying it, keep on banging!

Dear Morgan,

I’VE always been a fan of being disciplined. This usually takes the form of spanking or very occasionally with a whip.

I’m a 45-year-old bloke and my most recent girlfriend was as keen on being spanked as she was in dishing it out. But sadly she left me for a younger man last year so I decided to see a professional – who looked just like former glamour girl Jo Guest. It was money well spent as she tanned my arse good and proper before finishing me with a blow job. It’s too costly to do on a regular basis but it was certainly worth it. Now I’m hoping to meet other lookalikes who’ll belt the shit out of me for kicks – I just need to maybe meet a woman who’ll do it for free!

PT, Southport/p>

Morgan says: TRY joining adult dating sites on the net – you can see pics beforehand.

Dear Morgan,

A FEW weeks ago I visited a company run by a bloke and his wife to help with some IT problems they were having.

The wife, who I ended up knobbing, rang again to say she had more problems. When I arrived she was wearing a wrap-over short skirt but her husband was there too. He popped out and his wife told me she had worn the skirt to give me easy access. When her husband came back in, he said he would have to take his wife home. I seized my chance and offered to take her myself. As soon as we were in the car she opened the flap of her skirt to reveal all. She unzipped me and started w*nking me off so I pulled over and she lay across my lap and put my cock in her mouth and sucked until I came in her gob. Then she lay back on the seat and let me tongue her until she climaxed. And she told me she’d soon have more computer “problems” to sort. The trouble is I’m due to get married next week and think I should give up my fooling around. But I’m worried about losing a contract with this couple.

What should I say?

RT, South Yorks

Morgan says: DON’T tell your new wife where the cash is coming from.

Dear Morgan,

MY good mate wants me to shag his bird while he films us.

She’s a cracking brunette with nice tits and she even wants to try anal. The thing is, I’m 22 and I’ve never had bum sex before. It seems like a great opportunity but I feel weird about the whole thing. What should I do?

LR, Notts

Morgan says: IF this sex tape is purely for private viewing there should be no problem.




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