We are the CHOMP-ions!

As Magnotta faces trial in Canada, experts scoff at his ‘pathetic’ flesheating antics


‘CANNIBAL killer’ Luka Magnotta – alleged to have chopped up his boyfriend before bumming his headless torso and feasting on his ARSE – is an AMATEUR in the man-eating monster stakes.

So speaks the evidence when his grisly crimes are held up against the blood-curdling activities of other mass killers with a sick taste for human flesh. The gay porn star and escort’s crimes pale in comparison to the gory work of accomplished slayers like Jeffrey Dahmer or Joachim Kroll.

Today Sunday Sport profiles the work of six other cannibal killers which show narcissist Magnotta – who was desperate for infamy – will remain way down the pecking order in the flesh-gobbling hall of fame.

The 29-year-old made a surprise appearance before a judge in Montreal last week where he pleaded not guilty to the first degree murder of Chinese student Jun Lin, 33. He is also charged with defiling Lin’s corpse, harassing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other MPs and publishing and mailing obscene material.

An online video allegedly shows Magnotta repeatedly stabbing Lin with an ice pick before dismembering his head and limbs with a knife. He is then seen slicing meat off Lin’s buttock and “eating” it, before shagging the corpse and allowing a dog to chew on the stump of a leg. Magnotta was arrested after an international manhunt lead cops to a Berlin internet café where he sat reading online stories about himself. But cannibal expert Dr Kurt Snaith is not impressed. He said: “Compared to the real masters of the cannibalistic art, Magnotta is rather pathetic.”




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