Red Facebook – Why teens should never be FB friends with their parents


You wouldn’t want to poke your mum. Which is why you need to DELETE your parents from any social networking sites.

Unless you fancy a repeat of THESE cringeworthy Facebook posts. Countless happy couples have split up following naughty exchanges on Twitter and Facebook. And kinky web banter can also lead to you having awkward conversations with your folks, too.

Here we lift the lid on the boys and girls who revealed just that bit too much information – leaving their long-suffering mums and dads well and truly red-faced. And some parents are just as bad – posting totally inappropriate messages on the pages of their stunned sprogs.


One social networking expert said: “You wouldn’t walk up to your gran and tell her about the time you fingered a girl at a disco. “And you shouldn’t be putting that sort of info on the internet either – especially if your mum and dad go online and can see it. “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had no idea about the monster he was unleashing when he launched the site.”




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