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Dear Vikki,

I’VE met a man at work who I instantly hit it off with. We really enjoy each other’s company and there’s a strong mutual attraction too.

But he’s married with kids. And the temptation is really starting to scare me. I love our friendship and I can’t bear the thought of hurting his wife and children but my feelings are so strong that I’m worried someone will get hurt eventually. I’m incredibly attracted to him and I know how much he fancies me too – to the point where I worry that he might be falling in love with me. One day last week, when all our colleagues had left work for the evening, he went into the stock cupboard. He knew I was watching him and he turned and beckoned for me to join him.

So I strolled over and peered in and the naughty boy had his shirt undone – revealing his muscular, tanned body. I couldn’t resist getting closer to him and running my fingers over his lower regions. He responded by hitching up my cream skirt, picking me up and placing me on to a side ledge containing lots of files.

Then he pulled my knickers aside and got his head down – giving me the most amazing oral sex I had ever enjoyed. It seemed like he knew exactly where my hotspots were. But I’m afraid to say I would of gone the whole distance with him and shagged his brains out right there and then had we not heard a car pull up in the car park downstairs.

It seems that it’s going to end in heartbreak for someone – his attention has made me so happy but I couldn’t ever forgive myself if I hurt his marriage and children. What am I supposed to do in this situation?

Dawn, Stoke

Dear Dawn,

START looking for a new job right now and walk away from him as soon as possible. I know it’s hard – for both of you – but that will be the test that will decide if he has had it with his marriage or whether you’re just a bit of fun for him.

Love Vikki x




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