JODIE Marsh has totally ruined herself with all this bodybuilding stuff. She looks like a geezer! I mean I’m sorry but I think she looks like a tranny.

Not so long ago I saw her on the cover of a magazine with her hair dyed red and she looked pretty good. But then on This Morning on Monday she looked awful. She was almost unrecognisable, it shows what air-brushing can do.

Seriously she looked a totally different person. And the bodybuilding look is really unattractive – I just can’t see how people find women like that attractive. I think it looks disgusting – it’s not sexy and as far as I can see it is a real turn-off for most blokes. I’m sure there must be a few men who find it sexy but I certainly don’t think it looks good.


And now they have found that her bodybuilding products have got something in it which is banned for proathletes. I think that is really irresponsible. As someone in the public eye she is meant to be a good role model and promoting a banned substance is not setting a good example.

Me and Jodie used to be mates – we were friends on Facebook and she followed me on Twitter. But recently she has deleted me off her Facebook and doesn’t reply to any of my Tweets. I don’t know what I’ve done to upset her so Jodie, if you’re reading this get in touch!

WHAT the hell was Abbey Clancy thinking – going out with her boobs hanging out? I’m sure that dress is meant to be worn with a top underneath it! It was a total disgrace and I think it’s embarrassing – she made a total fool of herself. I know I get my boobs out for a living but I would never go for dinner with my husband with my tits hanging out. There is no way I would go out dressed like that. I think it’s disrespectful to go out like that. Does Peter Crouch not mind that every fella in Britain has now seen his wife’s tits? She needs to sort herself out. She’s got a little girl as well – what sort of example is she setting to her?

Cheryl pinched Nadine’s success

I SAW last week that Girls Aloud were back in the studio recording new material for their comeback – but Cheryl Cole wasn’t with them

They said she was busy with solo stuff but that sounds a bit fishy to I mean surely they booked the studio months ago and they could have arranged so they could If you ask me there is some underlying feud going on that they are Also I think it’s a real shame that Nadine Coyle hasn’t managed to have a successful solo career. She is by far the best singer in the band and yet hasn’t really done anything on her own. And then there is Cheryl who is top of the charts and doing really well. It’s like Cheryl has got the career that Nadine should have had.

I feel really sorry for Nadine and I wouldn’t blame her if she felt bitter about it – especially as Cheryl can’t really sing. How someone who can’t sing in tune has done so well I’ll never know. And the fact that poor Nadine who was the voice of the whole group has been totally overshadowed is really unfair.

COULDN’T help but smile when I read about the curse of Marks and Spencer – apparently they reckon its adverts are hexed because three of the stars have all split from their partners. First there was Noemie Lenoir then Dannii Minogue and now Myleene Klass. I’ll tell them where they are going wrong – it’s not the adverts it’s the granny knickers! Try buying some sexier undies from somewhere a bit more saucy than M&S and they might keep their fellas a bit longer!

I WAS sad to hear that Jack Osbourne has got MS. He is only 26 and it’s such a shame that he has got it so young. There are millions of sufferers out there and I hope he can find a way to get help from support groups. I know it is an extremely painful disease but hopefully he will find a way to manage his symptoms and go on to have a decent life. That family seem to have had a lot of bad luck – mum Sharon had cancer, dad Ozzy was nearly killed in a quad bike accident and sister Kelly had her boyfriend cheat on her and had a lot of hassle from bullies. I think they deserve some good luck so hopefully good things will start to happen for them. Jack has said his philosophy is “adapt and overcome” and that is a really good attitude to have. It sounds silly but I really think positivity can help and I think his physical fitness will also benefit him. He is lucky that his parents can keep him financially comfortable and hopefully he will be able to get the best treatment available.

THE most disappointing thing about this year’s Euro 2012 has been the lack of eye candy without Frank Lampard in the team. The sight of his legs was the only thing that made watching England worthwhile! Luckily he’s on holiday in Italy with fiancée Christine Bleakley so at least I got a glimpse of him semi-naked while sunbathing in Italy. The sight of Frank in just a pair of shorts is enough to make me quiver!




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