We left our kiddies down the pub for THREE DAYS… it did them no harm


DAVID Cameron last night won the support of a couple who left their own kids in a boozer…for THREE DAYS!

The Prime Minister and his wife Samantha accidentally left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a pub after having a Sunday drink. Now Martin and Glenda Harris have lent their backing to the Camerons, last night telling Sunday Sport: “Our nippers came to no harm – and we left them down the boozer half a week!”

Unemployed tiler Martin said: “I can completely sympathise with the Prime Minister. It’s all too easy to get carried away in the boozer and completely forget you’ve got the nippers with you.” Martin, 40, from Crewe, Cheshire, said a last-minute invite to the North Wales Riviera – and some cider – led to their lapse in childcare. He explained: “Last summer I took Glenda and our Tyler and our Shannisse down to the Unicorn for the meat raffle.

“It were a right nice day and, truth be told, me and our Glenda had a few too many Woodpeckers. “From what I remember, Asbo Alan turned up in a car borrowed from a bloke at the Legion and asked us if we fancied a couple of days at his brother-in-law’s caravan in Towyn. “It’s all of a blur after that and next thing I know, it’s signing on day. Glenda’s mam came round with our newborn, Moaty, who she’d been looking after, and asked how the other two were. That’s when Glenda suddenly remembered we’d left Tyler and Shannisse back at the Unicorn.”


Taking up the unedifying narrative, Glenda, 38, added: “I got onto Dirty Ali at the pub and she said the kids were fine. “She’s good with kids is Ali, and she misses her own ever since they took them away. “Seems Tyler and Shannisse were no mither at all – which is a miracle, as the little f***ers are always acting up for us! You’ve got to laugh!” Martin said: “It shows the Prime Minister is human like the rest of us. I might even vote for him next time – not that I vote as a rule.”

The Harris’s backing will be a welcomed by the Camerons – who endured red faces when their own absentmindedness was reported in newspapers. Young Nancy Cameron is said to have spent a quarter of an hour at the Plough Inn at Cadsden, in Buckinghamshire, before a relieved Mrs Cameron returned to collect her.

Number 10 said the couple had been “distraught” when they realised Nancy was not with them. A spokesman said: “Thankfully when they phoned the pub she was there safe and well.”




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