“I like sex get over it!” BBC documentary porn star hits back

Porn Star Tasha Reign


A STUNNING blonde porn star has slammed her portrayal on a BBC documentary, telling stuffy telly bosses: ‘I’m no dumb victim!’

Gorgeous Tasha Reign featured in last week’s shock Louis Theroux show ‘Twilight Of The Porn Stars’. The hour-long BBC2 programme suggested that many adult entertainers were lost souls working in a dying industry.

But in an exclusive interview with Sunday Sport fuming Tasha, 23, has hit back at bumbling toff Theroux, 42, and the Beeb, saying she LOVES her X-rated job. The 34C pin-up said: “I would never claim to speak on behalf of all the girls in the industry, but my experience I porn has been nothing but positive.

“I’m not happy about being portrayed by the BBC as some sort of exploited individual, as it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I’m not stupid. I went into this industry with eyes wide open because I love having sex. I love my job. I was born to do this.

“I only ever have sex on camera with men I would go to bed and fool around with in real life. If I don’t find the man attractive, I won’t work with him. “There has to be a physical connection for me. And I make a very good living. Hell, I’ve even partied with former president Bill Clinton!”

Educated and well-spoken Tasha is currently reading Women’s Studies at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles, where she lives. And as far as she’s concerned, when Tasha steps in front of a camera she becomes a ‘character’. The stunna, who plans to work in porn for another five more years said: “Of course I’m not like I am on film all of the time.

“I’m just another 23-year-old California girl who loves going to the beach with my sister and friends and doing yoga in my spare time. I can separate my two very different lives because at the end of the day it’s just a job. I shot my first scene in 2010. I’d always wanted to be a nude model but after shooting for Playboy for a while I realised it got pretty boring fast. So the move into porn was just so natural. It was never even a big deal. Yes, some people disagreed with my decision, but the vast majority of my friends and family supported me 100 per cent. Everyone at college knows what I do – including the lecturers – and no-one bats an eyelid. Which is why I’ve been so shocked at the reaction I’ve been getting on Twitter since the Louis Theroux show aired in the UK.

“Porn has always flirted with acceptability, especially with girls like Sasha Grey moving into mainstream film roles. But the BBC documentary has proved that some small-minded people are still horrified by what we do. I find it so patronising, and actually very sad. Just admit you like sex! Get over it!”

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