IT is my last day here in Marbella and I am gutted it’s nearly over! I have had the best time ever – it has been bloody fantastic.

On Saturday night I went to the White and Gold party at La Sala Beach Club which was brilliant. Me and my sister Alyson partied hard all night long and it was great to let my hair down and enjoy myself. I posted this pic of me after the boozy night on my Twitter and one of my followers sent me a Tweet saying he’d love to bang me. In his dreams!

Being in the sunshine drinking sangria every day has been fantastic – but I am bloody gagging for it now. I can’t wait to get home and give my hubby a damn good seeing to.


Obviously I’ve been giving myself the odd little treat with my vibrator while I’ve been away – after two weeks I’d be ready to burst if I hadn’t! But it’s not the same as a proper bonk and I am looking forward to making up for lost time when I get home! My tan is looking really good and all this sunshine has made me very horny. So I’m gearing up for a bonkfest as soon as I get back from the airport!

I’VE been hearing all about the terrible weather back in the UK with rain and flooding all over the place. What a bloody sh*t summer this is turning out to be. I love the UK but I must say being over here has made me tempted to move to Spain for good. It’s a great place for kids and the weather is great – I can see why there are so many thousands of Brits living out here.

ALTHOUGH going out partying has been great, the highlight of my trip was my friend Mark Crossley’s wedding last week. Former goalkeeper Mark is a really good mate and it was so lovely to be able to see him getting hitched in the sunshine over here in Marbs. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Crossley – hope you have a long and happy future together.

I’M up to over 28,000 followers on Twitter which is brilliant. While I’ve been away I haven’t been on there as much so I apologise to all my fans out. I’m back in Blighty tomorrow (Thursday) so I promise I’ll put some saucy pics on there.

I NEARLY spat out my sangria when I read about Prime Minister David Cameron leaving his daughter behind in the pub. What a tw*t! I’m sorry, but what a total idiot. Apparently he left her in the loo. How on earth can you leave your kid behind? He says he and his wife were travelling in separate cars but even so, surely you would double check before you left who was going in which car. If it had been a normal person there would have been more outrage. But because he’s Prime Minister no-one even seems that bothered. I bet he feels a right f***ing idiot and so he should. I mean he’s running the f***ing country and yet he can’t even remember to take all his children home from the pub. No wonder this country is in such a sh*t state!

MORE of the cast of TOWIE are out here in Marbella now – I saw that Jessica Wright and her fella Ricky Rayment the other day. They were all over each other in the sea while the paps were taking pictures of them snogging. I’m sorry but I just think their relationship looks really fake. Jess is a pretty girl and looked nice – but Ricky isn’t all that. And it just looked so set-up, them standing there snogging in the sea. It was obviously all for the cameras. It’s like they are trying too hard to convince everyone their relationship isn’t just a publicity stunt. Don’t get me wrong, if they really are smitten with each other then good luck to them. But until I see them having a proper snog away from the cameras I won’t believe it’s real. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with him – he looks like a little boy to me. Mario Falcone is much more my type!

What makes these sickos tick?

THE stories on the cannibal killing have made me feel sick to my stomach and I know it has shocked the world. Just what makes these f***ing sickos tick? I do find it fascinating in a way how anyone could be so vile and what made them like that.

What on earth makes someone do the things he did? I can’t get my head around it. Killing and mutilating his gay lover and then eating his flesh with a knife and fork while filming the whole thing and then posting it online is just the most shockingly sick thing I’ve ever heard.


Apparently one of cannibal suspect Luka Magnotta’s aunts said he was mentally ill and a time bomb waiting to explode – and if his own relatives thought that then something should have been done about him before now. Other sources have said he lived in a total fantasy world and he obviously has very serious psychological issues. Maybe if they had been dealt with earlier this hideous crime might not have happened. Police believe he is a serial killer and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they uncover several more gruesome crimes he has committed.





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