Are Canadians the most EVIL race on earth?


TO most people, the Canadians are a somewhat dull, simplewitted people who inhabit our world without creating too many ripples.

Solid, honest, dependable …if a little boring. Think the Belgians but with polar bears and warmer winter coats. But – much like Belgians, as it happens – a Canadian’s soul is as black as the pine pitch with which he glues together his cosy log cabin home.

Whether clubbing a seal or machine-gunning an Eskimo, the Canadian is never happier than with the warm smell of fresh death in his nostril. Over the past week we have seen the barbaric alleged crimes of O n t a r i o – b o r n Luka Magnotta unfold before a vomiting world.

A man appearing to be him killed his gay lover Jun Lin, hacked the young Chinaman to bits, sodomised the cadaver and sent body parts through the mail. In the civilised world, such behaviour is rightly considered odd. Abhorrent even. To Canadians, committing a brutal sex crime is as normal as attending an ice hockey match, or fishing for supper through a hole cut in a frozen lake. Here are just some of the fiends who make us ask: Are Canadians the most evil race on earth?




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