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Dear Vikki

I HAVE been going out with my boyfriend for five months and it is driving me mad that he still shares a house with his ex-girlfriend and her female pals from university.

He says he has no feelings for her any more – even though they broke up just four months before he started dating me. My fella loves my pussy and shags me at least twice a day and sometimes at night too. He’s very intelligent and physically fit which is why I fell for him in the first place. My boyfriend likes to make love to me slowly and always dominates me and takes control in the bedroom.

First he removes my clothes and then he sits me on his lap while he spreads my legs and plays with my clit – which drives me wild and gets me off so much so that I’ve squirted for him several times. He then treats me to a good, hard f*** which gives me another shuddering orgasm. The sex is always amazing Vikki, but sometimes I wish he was not so fantastic at making love as I find myself worrying I’m going to lose him.

Even friends of mine have commented that I shouldn’t trust him as he gives them flirty smiles when we are all out socially together. I know my pals are just looking out for me but it’s starting to make me paranoid. What really gets me though is every time I go round to visit him, at his shared house, the girls all seem to be sitting around laughing at his jokes.

Last week, for example, two of them – one of which was his ex – were wearing really short skirts and bikini tops around the house and they were doing his washing. They were even bending over and showing off their tiny knickers while he was relaxing on the settee with no shirt on.

Should I insist he leaves that house, or do I dump him?

Laura, Edinburgh

Dear Laura,

IF you truly believed him, you wouldn’t be in this mental state. Trust is the most essential part of any relationship and yours doesn’t have it. No matter where he lives he will always be a womaniser in your mind. You need mutual trust.

Love Vikki x




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