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Dear Vikki

I FEEL totally ashamed with myself after last night – I don’t know what to think about myself anymore.

I went out with a group of girls after work. They’re a great bunch, always up for a giggle although they seem to know when enough’s enough. We hit this nice bar and the sun was shining so all the girls were wearing light clothes. We all stood outside having a right laugh with our white wines and cigarettes in hand, eyeing up all the sexy men walking around with their wasted and can barely remember the party breaking up.

I stumbled to catch my train but it turned out I’d missed the last one so had no choice but to get a black cab. As we drove along I dozed off, though I seem to recall accidently spreading my legs. I caught the cabbie looking but I didn’t care at the time, even when my top buttons popped and my tits were out. The cab came to a halt and the dark-haired middle-aged driver shouted out that we were at mine. I could see the bill was £75 so searched in my bag for the money. When I realised I didn’t have any cash I started to cry.

“he unzipped his jeans and unleashed
his impressive length which he pumped
into me like there was no tomorrow…”

The driver got annoyed, and when he said he was going to call the police I had to think fast. That’s when I started to unbutton my top. I sat back in the seat so he could see me in his mirror and revealed my breasts to him. He looked very interested. I then started to take my knickers off under my knee length skirt. I hoisted up my skirt and spread my legs to him, showing off my pussy. He got out and joined me in the back and was soon licking my fanny. It was heaven!

Next, he unzipped his jeans and unleashed his impressive length which he pumped into me like there was no tomorrow. But there was, and now I feel ashamed of what I’ve done.

Nicola, Swindon

Dear Nicola,

THE bar antics show that you lose your senses when you’re drunk so always stay by a friend. Don’t worry too much about the cab shag, but it might be best to carry condoms in future, hun.

Love Vikki x




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