Look what happened to the winner of KOREA’S Got Talent…


BRITAIN’S Got Talent dancing dog Pudsey has won the hearts of millions strutting his canine stuff on stage alongside owner 17-year-old Ashleigh Butler.

The six-year-old border collie-bichon frise cross was always going to do well on the TV programme – appealing to Britain’s love of animals and our once-great nation’s adoration of mindless talent show dross. BGT Svengali Simon Cowell, who has a wellknown penchant for dancing dogs, declared: “This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life… I would love a dog like that, I really would. Can’t we breed him and I can have the puppies?” But it’s not just Britain that loves dogs and talent shows. A show similar to BGT screens on TV in South Korea – and prancing pooches are firm favourites. The only difference is that in Korea the winner could end up as SUPPER!

Sing, Sing, Dance, Glee is one of South Korea’s most popular shows and last season’s winner was border collie Koko, who danced to first place with owner Lim Kim-Soh. But two weeks after victory Koko was centre stage at a businessmen’s feast in Seoul but not as guest of honour – he was the MEAT COURSE! Alan Durridge, founder of international pressure group Don’t Eat Dogs, exposed Koko’s grisly fate and says that by eating a leading TV star, the Koreans may tip world opinion against their dog-eating antics. He said: “Most people have accepted Koreans eating dog as a cultural difference, but in eating Koko, they’ve unleashed a tsunami of outrage and they may be shamed into taking dog off their menus.”




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