WE PREDICT a riot – Because Motty the mystic hamster has gone on STRIKE.

Officials ruled out a controversial ‘goal’ that would’ve seen his FA Cup Final forecast come true – and he hasn’t taken it well.

The clairvoyant critter – who models himself on legendary BBC sports commentator John Motson, 66 – predicted that the score between Chelsea and Liverpool during last weekend’s showpiece final at Wembley would be 2-2 after 90 minutes. And when Liverpool striker Andy Carroll powered a header at the Chelsea goal in the closing stages, it looked like his psychic powers were set to prevail.

But to the amazement of mini Motty – and thousands of Scousers – officials decided Blues goalie Petr Cech managed to reach the ball before it crossed the line – scrubbing out what Motty reckons was a perfectly legit goal. At the final whistle, our fuming hamster launched a squeaky tirade of abuse at the telly before storming off and locking himself in his cage, sulking in a corner with his paws folded.

He’s currently hiding under his famous sheepskin coat and is refusing to return to the gantry until goal line technology is introduced. To predict the FA Cup Final score, Motty the hamster called in his rodent pals, Joey and Chandler, who staged a hard-fought match on a Subbuteo pitch. Motty added: “I could tell you who’s going to win this summer’s Euro 2012 – but I’m in such a bad mood I’m keeping it to myself. “So there.”




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