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Dear Vikki

AM a 35-year-old Asian man who has recently married a beautiful girl.

Our wedding was arranged in advance and sex before marriage was not permitted. When I first clapped eyes on Geeta I was very happy – she is 5ft 9”, slender and very ample-breasted with long, shiny black hair. Our wedding was perfect – the family from India came to England and filled our house with all sorts of appliances for us to live comfortably. And we were also very fortunate when we received a sizeable cheque from Geeta’s generous father. But the problem is that I can’t give my wife a full and proper relationship in the bedroom as I cannot maintain an erection for long enough.

We have tried many things – Viagra, striptease and even pornography – but so far I only manage to maintain a rock sold penis for a few minutes before I lose it. I have taken to slipping off her clothes slowly until she is completely naked, laying her on her back, spreading her legs and giving her the full use of my fingers for a good hour which she really enjoys. As you can imagine my beautiful bride is feeling frustrated as she longs for her a man to make full love to her – which is our ultimate dream. So I have taken action by placing an advert on the internet for an acceptable partner to make love to her. So far we have had dozens of replies but most of them say they are just out for a good, hard shag and don’t respect the fact that this is a delicate situation for us both. What should we do?

Sangay, Barking

Dear Sangay,

Thank you for writing to me for help. Firstly, there are many other treatments out there that are far stronger than Viagra. The fact that you can get a rock solid cock for two minutes is a good sign – this could well be a psychological problem relating to fear of rejection. Your wife is very understanding but all women need sex so you are right to address this, especially as you are newlyweds. Visit the doc for some advice on therapy or medicines. Love Vikki x




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