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Dear Vikki

I AM 19-years-old and have a guilty secret that’s becoming hard to hide.

I’m starting to fall for my best mate’s mother, who is in her early forties, since I had sex with her a week ago. It all happened when I went round to meet him for football. The weather turned just as I arrived and hail stones were hammering down on me. When his mum answered the door she looked beautiful. She has long, dark hair and a sexy, slim body with a really ample bust and she was wearing a skin tight lycra outfit as she must have been on her way to the gym. As she walked down the hall ahead of me I enjoyed every moment of her sexy walk. While her son and I sat in the kitchen discussing what to do about the called-off footie game, his mum had a phone call to say his dad’s car had broken down in a nearby town.

So my mate headed out to rescue him in his mum’s motor and I must admit I was excited to be alone with her. Shortly after the front door slammed shut I told her that I thought she was beautiful in case the opportunity didn’t arise again. She looked me straight in the eyes and gave a large, wide smile. Then she lifted up her gym top and let me see her beautiful breasts. I felt instantly hard as I walked towards her, picking her up and laying her on her back across the spacious kitchen surface. Then I pulled down her leggings and her crisp, white thong which revealed a really neatly-trimmed bush.

So I got to work with my tongue, making her whine and groan with pleasure as she writhed around the tabletops. As we had frantic sex in the kitchen, before her son and old man came home, it was the best I ever had. Now I want to have a proper relationship with this woman.

How do I go about this?

Danny, Reading

Dear Danny,

IF she approaches you for some more sex then indulge her by all means. She’s a married woman and mum of your best mate. If you play with fire you might get burnt.

Vikki X




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