ON Friday night I went to a great charity golfing event at posh Goodwood and got all glammed up for the occasion.

It was organised by former Wales and Southampton goalkeeper Paul Jones and was a really good night. It was all in aid of a children’s hospice called Chestnut Tree House in Sussex and we raised a lot of money.


X Factor winner Steve Brookstein performed and it was really nice – it felt really good to do something for a good cause. When I was at the Memorabilia show a few weeks ago I got a signed photo of Robbie Fowler to give them to auction and it raised £280 which was brilliant. On the drive home my posh frock was annoying me so I took it off and drove home wearing just my coat with nothing underneath. I was totally naked and was a bit worried when I saw a police car and hoped they weren’t going to pull me over and search me or they’d have been in for a shock! And then the next morning I nearly choked on my scrambled egg on toast when I saw the story about the paramedic who boasted on Facebook that he’d groped a woman’s boobs. Imagine if I’d had a crash that could’ve been me!

HAPPY first anniversary to William and Kate – I can’t believe how quickly the last year has flown. It has really highlighted to me just how quick life flashes past, it feels like last week not last year!

I’VE reached 26,000 followers on Twitter! I’m so excited! If any of you lot want to follow me it’s @linsey_dawn

I PISSED myself laughing when I saw the picture of Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis flashing her bum at the weekend’s Soap Awards. I thought it was really funny and I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. It might have looked like she wasn’t wearing any knickers but she actually had a thong on so I don’t know why everyone is going on. At the end of the day she’s an 18-year-old girl going out and having fun. Good on her I say! She’s not hurting anyone and she’s young and pretty. Everyone should just leave her alone. She’s looks like a right good laugh!

THE feud between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian just seems so petty and ridiculous. They both need to grow up and stop acting like kids. Apparently Beyonce doesn’t like it that her mate Kanye West is going out with Kim. She needs to get a life – it’s up to him who he goes out with, not her. And on the subject of Kim Kardashian, the other day I watched the Kim Kardashian sex film for the first time and I was bloody gobsmacked. That fella Ray J who she’s bonking was so sh*t in bed it’s unbelievable. I don’t know what she was doing with him. Apparently it was him who leaked it but I don’t know why he did because he’s such a crap shag! And I know everyone talks about her bum and how great it is but it’s f**king HUGE. It’s the biggest arse I’ve ever seen! It’s so big he could have climbed in!

THE weather has been really depressing this week – I stayed in all weekend and did baking and household chores! I made a lovely fish pie which was absolutely gorgeous and baked a cherry cake and some toffee cookies which were really yummy. Then I decided to have a good old clear out and sorted out all my shoes and lingerie. I seriously have about 400 pairs of shoes and hundreds of bras and pairs of knickers. It’s ridiculous really – I have never seen so many things in one place! Some of my bras from when I first started modelling are just mad – they are so big I thought about using them as hammocks in the garden! A lot of them have sentimental value as they bring back memories of the good old days. I might sign some of my old bras and give them to charity.

Marriage No.3? Get serious

I CAN’T believe Jordan is getting hitched for the third time. What is wrong with her? I think she must just like the attention. You’d think it would be a case of twice bitten third time shy but it doesn’t look like it!


I think it’s embarrassing for her. She’s such a bloody fool, I don’t know why she just can’t get on with it. She just doesn’t seem to take marriage seriously. She said it’s fun and exciting but that’s not really what marriage should be about. It’s about making a serious lifelong commitment to someone. I really can’t see it lasting. She might make a lot of money from a magazine deal to cover the wedding but she’ll probably be paying it all out in a divorce settlement before too long. My advice would be not to get too used to the money!




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