Ask Vikki Dark

Dear Vikki,

I RECENTLY went to a nudist resort on holiday with my sexy young girlfriend.

She has a lovely, slim body with the fantastic little boobs. I assumed there would be lots of fifty-somethings being careful not to bend over too far to pick up the beachball – but oh, how wrong I was. When we arrived we headed straight to the reception area which was clearly marked. As we pushed though the little door, my jaw nearly hit the floor. There were two big-boobed blonde babes standing there, completely naked. My legs felt like they were dancing all over the place and I couldn’t string two words together as I kept getting eyefuls of them bending over. I just wanted to reach out and grab them. When we got to our caravan I hoisted up my girl’s skirt and shagged her from behind, bent over the little dinner table. I came really quicky and after that I thought I had got it all out my system, expecting the busty girls in reception to be the only fit birds there. So that afternoon we stripped off and decided to go head down to the beach. As we walked through the sand dunes all I could see was really fit women, totally nude and sunbathing with their legs apart – I could see the lot! I had to run back to the caravan and have a wank! My girlfriend was confused. In fact the same thing kept happening over the next three days and my todger was sore by the time we got home. The point is Vikki, she wants to go back there again soon and I feel like a bore for saying no.

What shall I do?

Rob, Devon

Dear Rob,

I must admit I got hot under the collar over this one. Even as a girl I would have struggled to keep my cool on first sight of those two receptionists. My advice to you is to go again as you have to furnish yourself with the sight of hot naked birds as much as possible in order to deal with this better. Wow, sounds like sex therapy at its best!

Love Vikki x




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