Can I forgive my cheating hubby?

Dear Vikki,

I CAUGHT my husband cheating after 20 years of doing everything for him. He was my life and when I found hotel and underwear receipts in his pockets and confronted him he told me that he had been meeting girls in hotels for oral sex.

I believe he was having full sex otherwise why buy them underwear and gifts? I also started to think that it could have been one special person which broke my heart. After the shock I decided to get myself together, I started exercising and having beauty treatments. Pretty quickly I started to look better, sexier. The husband was full of apologies, constantly trying to kiss me and touch me up. I actually got a bit turned on by imagining his manhood in other women so I let him have me again but it wasn’t enough anymore.

I told him I was going to leave him as I felt too heartbroken but he suggested something; he suggested that he would let me have sex with other men, as many as I wanted whilst he watched but he had a request; could the men be black. I didn’t realise what a kinky bloke I was with but I liked what I was hearing. That night I dressed in my black silky lingerie and sexy sheer black hold ups and a short skirt right up my butt. I wore a low cut cream coloured top that allowed my boobs to fall out at ease. My long blonde hair hung down my back and when I looked at myself in the mirror I knew any man wouldn’t say no regardless of me being 43.

When he saw me walked down he held his hand out for me and told me I looked beautiful. It seems I had his attention once again. He drove up the motorway and pulled into a service station. We parked up under the some lights whilst we watched different men walk in and out of the shops. There were many that I fancied. I wanted a lot of the white men as my husband rubbed his hands against my knickers. A silver Audi swerved in from the motorway and I could see the driver was a black man. I alerted my husband who sat up in apprehension.


As I watched the man get out of the car I felt all my Christmases come at once. Vikki the guy had the body of a god with broad shoulders and a toned waist. My husband stepped out of the vehicle and walked up to the guy. I felt ashamed when I saw them chatting, especially as the guy’s eyes widened as my husband explained everything. He looked over and nodded. I felt nervous and excited. My husband drove forward to behind the garage to a darker area. I got out the car and rearranged myself to look good for the guy who was walking towards us.

I could see that he had a hefty bulge for me.

He smiled as he got nearer and I blew him a kiss. Hubby just stood there by the side of the car watching. The man remained nameless as he plunged his mouth around my nipples. He laid me on the front of the bonnet, pulled my knickers down and changed the myth about black men not going down because that boy gave me some of the best licking I had ever encountered. I could see my husband playing with himself vigorously.

The gorgeous black man stood to his full height whilst unbuckling his jeans. He whipped his length out and it was some length; the biggest I’d ever seen. He sent me to sex heaven. I forgot my husband was there. After that night my hubby has decided he wants to go back to the way things were before the affair and before I slept with my man but as much as I try, I can’t forgot his deceit.

What shall I do?

Linda, Hertfordshire

Dear Linda,

I AM very sorry your heart has been broken. I feel your pain as I read your words Linda. You obviously adored him and when you rumbled him, it hit you hard. He loves you too as he wanted you to feel fulfilled so he went through his own heart ache by letting you have sex with the guy in the car park even though he got turned on himself in the bargain. My advice is this, people lose their way in life and sometimes need something to bring things back on track again. If you love him give him a n o t h e r chance. I hope you find happiness again.

Love Vikki x




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