Dear Vikki,

A COUPLE of weeks ago I was strolling down the high street when the window display at a sex shop caught my eye.

Inside I saw lots of naughty underwear and I especially loved the crotchless knickers – I’ve never seen them before, as I’m only 19. Then I noticed the massive collection of vibrators that decorated the walls and a pretty assistant appeared holding a long pink rubber cock.

She smiled and placed the willy in my hand which sent shivers through me. Then the lady invited me into the changing rooms and pulled the curtain behind us and next thing you know we were French kissing. I was so turned-on that I started to touch her boobs and bum which she returned the favour by sliding her hand down my knickers.

As I squeezed gently on her fabulous boobs, I felt the buzz of the rubber cock against my crotch as the redhead rubbed its tip against my fanny. She then parted my panties so that she could work the sex toy into me properly. I quivered with delight as she started to ram it in and out of me. But the thing I’m worried about is whether I’m a lesbian as I’ve had lots of boys but never enjoyed sex until this latest encounter. What do you think?

Jane, London

Dear Jane, I UNDERSTAND what it’s like to question your own sexuality. It’s not just men who get turned on by a woman’s body. Just have fun!

Love Vikki x




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