SAY what you like about our elected members – they have our best intentions at heart.

The country may be going to hell in a hardcart and our precious freedoms disappearing like mist in the morning, but MPs have been debating a ban on monkeys. Not an outright ban, just keeping monkeys at home. The Keeping of Primates as Pets (Prohibition) Bill is grinding through the parliamentary machine after being introduced by Tory MP for South East Cornwall Sheryll Murray.

Her motion states it is: “A Bill to prohibit the keeping of primates as pets in the United Kingdom and the breeding, sale and purchase of primates; to introduce breed-specific codes of practice for the keeping of primates in animal sanctuaries and for species conservation and for connected purposes.” For once, the lawmakers may have got it right. Because while monkeys may look funny and cuddly, they are EVIL! Planet of the Apes may have been fiction but it could alltoo- easily become reality. Just look at these recent pictures of simians and think… would you want this lot in YOUR home?




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