North Korea Satellite was to spy on Jedward


THE disastrous “earth observation” satellite North Korea attempted to put into space was to be used for spying… and the top target was JEDWARD!

The world watched with growing alarm last week as the secretive regime showed off the 100ft Unha-3 rocket and its payload, the Kwangmyongsong- 3 satellite. Experts feared that the Unha-3 – which blew up a minute after lift-off – would eventually have been used as an intercontinental ballistic missile to deliver nuclear weapons as far as the United States.

North Korea had insisted that the Unha project was peaceful, and journalists from western nations had been invited to witness preparations for the launch, timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the nation’s founding madman, Kim Il-Sung. But today Sunday Sport can reveal that, while peaceful, the mission of Kwangmyongsong-3 was by no means innocent.

For the spacecraft’s hightech optics and scanning systems were to be trained on the town of Lucan, near Dublin – home of oddball pop duo Jedward!


North Korea’s new ruler Kim Jong-Un is obsessed with Jedward and the 28-year-old is directing his impoverished country’s meagre resources into feeding his fixation. A CIA source told us: “Our concern was that the rocket was going to form the basis of a missile force. But it seems the truth is even more bizarre.

“According to intercepts, Kim Jong-Un wants his satellite to take spy pictures of Jedward – thousands of them. “We do not believe Kim is gay or has any romantic attraction to Jedward. He’s just very, very strange.” This is not the first time a Stalinist dictator has had an unhealthy interest in an Irish pop star.

In 1971, Russia supremo Leonid Brezhnev directed a full-scale KGB operation to collect information about Ireland’s 1970 Eurovision winner Dana.




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