Abu Hamster!


MEET Britain’s most evil family pet – a deformed rodent nicknamed Abu Hamster!

Tiny Abu became twisted and sick when he lost both a paw and eye after getting trapped in the wheel of his cage last year. Dad-of three Garry Speedweigh, who owns the two year-old Syrian hamster from Blackburn, Lancs, contacted Sunday Sport to explain his hamster’s transformation from cuddly pet to violent aggressor. Painter Garry, 46, said: “The accident changed his personality totally and he became quite vicious.


“We got the vet to fit a tiny hook on his hand so he could carry out basic functions – like scratching his balls – but he kept biting me and the kids. “After he savaged the cat I called him Abu Hamster – after the nasty hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza.” Hamza, who like his rodent namesake has one eye and one hand, was told last week by the European Court of Human Rights that he could be extradited from the UK to the USA.

He was jailed in Britain for inciting racial hatred and is wanted for terror crimes in the States. The bearded barmpot, who claims he lost his bodyparts fighting the infidel, tried to block his extradition on human rights grounds. Garry’s added: “It’s sad that his injuries have made him so bitter and warped. “I am talking about the hamster, obviously.”




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