What the truck are they playing at?


A TRUCKER and his pal sparked outrage after they were seen playing JENGA while driving along the motorway!

The pair were snapped by a university student taking photographs from a bridge over the M1 as part of fieldwork for his dissertation on the clogged British transport system. The men – both in appalling check shirts – had the popular adult building blocks game balanced on the dashboard of the Mercedes lorry. The driver can be seen with one hand on the wheel of the 15-ton truck while reaching to take his turn in the game with the other. “I could barely believe my eyes when I saw the image later,” said the student, who said he took the pic near a junction in the Midlands during morning rush hour last week. “I didn’t notice at the time as I was concentrating on trying to get general shots of the congestion.


“It’s worrying to see women checking their make-up while scooting along in their Fiat Puntos, but a truck is like a moving weapon of mass destruction. “Motorways are dangerous enough places as they are without idiot truck drivers playing games while hurtling along at 60mph.” An AA source said: “This is appalling. Whoever the driver is should be sacked and given a hefty driving ban.”




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