Flowers really make our sex life blossom!


Dear Peach,

I’VE been a florist for 25 years and own my own shop on a busy high street.

I love flowers – the texture, colour and smell – and have done ever since I was a kid. My fascination started just after I left school and I worked in a garden centre where the woman boss seduced me. She was about 45, with flecks of grey in her long curly hair and she had huge boobs. She would always wear very short skirts at work and I’d often get a glimpse of her stocking tops and knickers as she bent down to bed a few saplings.

Then one day she called me in to work on a Tuesday – which was our regular day off. When I got there she was wearing a see-through blouse and a saucy red bra underneath. She asked me if I’d ever made love to a real woman and began to unbutton her blouse. Then she pulled my head into her heavily-scented bosom so that I could hardly breathe. Before I had chance to catch my breath she’d unbuckled my trousers and was on her knees nuzzling up to my stiffening cock. She then gave me a blow job which has never been bettered by any woman since.

When I’d spunked all over her face, she smiled and pulled down her skirt to reveal she wasn’t wearing any knickers. She then leaned back on a bed of daffodils and spread her legs and told me to lick out her swollen gash before f***ing her. Her pussy tasted great and she didn’t mind that I shot my jizz again only a few minutes after getting it up. Since then I’ve always associated flowers and gardening with sex. My wife is also one for outdoor shagging.

The last time we went out for the day we ended up in a park around dusk and she pulled me over to a pretty flower bed. While I was admiring the display she slipped off her knickers and lay back on some poppies. As a florist I should have stopped her from squashing some great flowers but when she pulled her fanny-lips apart, lust got the better of me and I dived in. But as we were banging away, a park ranger caught us at it and said he’d report us to the police if it happened again.

The trouble is my missus does want to shag in the park again. What should I do?

GH, East Sussex

Peach says: IT’S safer in your back garden.

My London legover’s built for comfort…not speed

Dear Peach,

I’VE never had any luck with the ladies. So my sister tried to fix me up with one of her girlie pals.

One of them lives in London and I’m in North Wales. So we just phoned and texted each other and we clicked straight away. Her voice was so sexy and she described herself as a hot blonde with a stunning figure. After exchanging loads of texts, phone calls and emails we decided to meet up and I travelled to London to meet her.

But when she opened the door of her flat I had a bit of a shock. She looked a few stones heavier than the photo she had emailed me. I was about to make my excuses and leave but she dragged me inside and tore off my clothes in the hallway.

And when she pushed me into the lounge and started sucking my knob I simply couldn’t help getting aroused. Although I’m not very experienced, she seemed to be very good at it and soon I was f***ing her and we came to a climax together on the floor.

I stayed the whole weekend and we shagged each other senseless in every position imaginable. Now she has invited herself up to Wales to come and visit me but I’m worried about introducing her to my pals after telling them I was off to London to meet a real babe.

What do you think I should I do?

MW, Clwyd

Peach says: IF she makes your cock stand proud, you should be proud enough to take her out and show her off to your friends too.

Dear Peach,

MY girlfriend likes to pop a finger up my arse while giving me a blow job.

But when I tried to put my cock up her wrong ’un last week she went mental and called me a perv. I’m a bit confused now.

What should I do?

KF, Glasgow

Peach says: TELL her your arse is a no-go area if you can’t play with hers.

Dear Peach,

PLEASE help me. I’m a 19-year-old girl and I’ve been secretly dating our lodger for six months.

My Mum took him in last year to help pay the mortgage and we got on great right from the start. He’s a few years older than me but we often go out clubbing together and it was on a night out that we first made love. We’d been dancing and having a good time and then, in the taxi on the way back to our house, we kissed. And once we reached home we ended up starkers in my bed while my Mum was asleep in the room next door.

The sex was wonderful and he was so gentle and brought me to orgasm by caressing me. Then we made love properly and it was truly electric. Every hair on my body was standing on end as he thrust in and out of me and I soon had a second orgasm before he climaxed himself. We made love several more times during the night and then he finally sneaked out of the house before Mum got up. We went out again a couple of nights later and ended up shagging again, this time at a hotel so as not to attract Mum’s attention. He asked if I’d ever done it doggy-style and I said I hadn’t but I was happy to give it a try.

And I’m so glad I did because it was amazing. Afterwards we lay in each other’s arms for a while and then he went down on me, licking and sucking on my clit as I played with his hair. Then I returned the favour and sucked him off until I felt his hot creamy juices explode in my mouth and, much to his delight, I swallowed the lot. We’ve been carrying on in this way for months and the sex just seems to get better and better. We’ve now progressed to dressing up for one another and even have mild bondage sessions, which we both enjoy. But last week I came home from work early and caught him shagging my Mum in the kitchen. I’m gutted.

What should I do?

MG, Hants

Peach says: MAYBE you and your mother can share his affections?




Written by Sunday Sport

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