Fit meat packer is my sexy web porn snappa


Dear Morgan,

I’VE just left college and I’m finding it hard to get a good job and make some money.

To make ends meet I’ve spent the past few weeks packing frozen meat in a factory. The banter on the job makes a change from the intellectual debates of college. I recently dyed my brown hair blonde and I’ve always been blessed with huge knockers. There’s one guy who works on the production line who in his early 40s, who always sits and reads a book during breaks, and I get on quite well with him.

He told me he used to be a professional photographer until his wife divorced him and took him for all he was worth. I told him of my problems trying to find a decent job and he asked if I’d ever considered modelling. To be honest I had thought about it but my family are pretty stuck-up and would never let me do anything like that. He said he’d recently been in touch with some of his old contacts and could get me some paid work. So I agreed to go round to his house for a session one evening after our shifts.

I had an inkling he wanted to do some topless shots but when I got round there he’d got a whole range of kinky outfits and sex toys out. As I peeled off my jeans he began snapping away on his large digital camera and when I unclipped my bra he went flash happy! So I slipped into a college girl outfit and rubbed some baby oil on my boobs for him.

Then I found myself slipping out of my knickers and grabbing the biggest dildo to pleasure myself with. Next I squeezed into a leather outfit and did some open-legged poses for him and I was getting turned-on and almost forgot he was there taking pics of me.

To finish off I pulled on a pair of stockings and got down on my knees to give him a blow job while he snapped away at me cheekily looking up and winking for the camera. When we’d finished he ended up bending me over a couch and banging me from behind. The next day at work he revealed that he’d set up another camera and had relayed the whole thing live on the internet!

He said we’d got 5,000 hits and people were now messaging him and wanting to buy high definition clips from our session. I was shocked but he offered me £200 for another go, so I agreed.

Do you think I’m doing the right thing?

KH, West Midlands

Morgan says: NO – ask for at least a grand!

Motorbike boss gives me miles better ride

Dear Morgan,

I’M a 26-year-old woman married to a bloke who works part-time doing up motorbikes at a garage and I work in the office doing the paperwork.

I love big powerful bikes and I get on really well with the boss at the garage. He’s 60 but strong and fit and rides a gleaming Ducati and the other week he offered to take me for a ride on it. I was wearing a tiny black thong under a tight black micro-skirt and big black boots.

After about half an hour on the back of his bike I was feeling very horny and when we stopped at a pub for a drink he asked me to sit on his lap. I told him my hubby was a right loser and only had a measly four-incher – I could tell he was packing something a lot bigger. He led me round the back of the pub and out of sight where he pushed me gently against a wall.

His hand went between my legs and he probed my wet fanny as I rubbed his huge cock. He then got down on his knees and licked my swollen pussy lips and aching clit. Then he turned me round and slipped into my sopping wet c***.

He thrust strongly in and out and I came twice in succession before he squirted his hot spunk up me. Then he took me on the ground with my legs bent back to my chest as he rammed me hard again. We’ve shagged a few times since then and he says I should dump my no-good fella and move in with him. Should I follow my heart with this guy?

GP, Scotland

Morgan says: MAYBE, but so what? You’re having a good time aren’t you?

Dear Morgan,

I LOVE wearing my tiger-print swimming trunks on holiday, but my wife wants me to wear baggy shorts instead.

She reckons gay men take an unhealthy interest in me when I wear trunks.

FI, Beds

Morgan says: STOP boasting.

Dear Morgan,

MY girlfriend is a raving nymphomaniac and I am finding it hard to keep up with her constant demand for sex.

I work hard at my job as a motor mechanic and when I get home I’m usually pretty knackered. But as soon as I walk in the door she’s there, stark naked on the rug and exposing her shaven fanny. She won’t even let me take my boots off before she’s got my dick out, playing with it until it’s rock-hard.

Then she starts licking and nibbling on the sensitive tip of it, which she knows drives me absolutely wild. Before long I’m pumping away at her with my balls slapping against her arsecheeks. She then brings me my tea but while I am shovelling down my grub she fingers herself to orgasm next to me and rubs my cock again.

By the time I’ve eaten I’ve got a boner again and I give her another good shafting. Later she runs me a bath, washes me all over and climbs in for soapy sex. We go to bed at about 11.30pm and have more bonk action. We always do a 69er and she loves it when I lick her out.

Eventually, at about 2am, she falls asleep and I finally get some peace. I have to be up again at 7am so I’m always shattered.

What can I do?

HD, North London

Morgan says: Don’t be a wimp and thank your lucky stars she thinks you are such a desirable sex object.

Dear Morgan,

MY girlfriend wants to watch me shag her best mate, who’s a fit blonde with big tits.

I’ve fantasised about doing her since she gave me a blow job last year. But I think it’s a bit weird that she has suggested it.

What should I do?

LF, Lancs

Morgan says: TAKE up her kind offer and then give the pair of them a good seeing-to.




Written by Sunday Sport

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