“I’ll be ready to go before he even gets chance to ask”

OLDER ladies – God love ’em. They know what they want in the bedroom… and how to get it! Every week we get a mouthwatering MILF to revel her sauciest secrets. They’re older, they’re bolder – and so sexy.


I like reverse cowgirl the most. I have an obsession with my bum and so does my partner. I do this thing when we’ll be having sex with me on top facing him so he gets a good dose of boob love. Then I’ll turn around whilst he’s still inside me. I grip myself really hard when I swizzle round and he loves the sensation, it drives him crazy. Then I go for it and he gets a good view of me bobbing up and down. When he grabs and squeezes my bum with his hands it makes me climax pretty much straight away. It’s also good because as I’m facing that way I can reach my squeeze. Sometimes when I do it his body jerks so wildly it’s like really being a cow girl on a bucking bronco, or a f***ing bronco! But because I’ve still got him in me when he does it I end up having the best orgasms because he thrusts so hard.


I’ve had sex in a few risky places during my time. Actually I am quite partial to a spontaneous outdoor romp as it adds a bit of spice to a relationship. The other week we went for dinner in town. I put on a nice new red dress and pair of heels and felt really sexy. As we were walking to the taxi rank I grabbed him and pulled him down this little side street behind some shops. I started kissing him and then I grabbed his hand and put it up under my skirt. I moved it up my thigh slowly so he could feel the silky smoothness of my skin and then up to between my legs so he could feel I had no panties on. As soon as he felt how excited I was he started moaning. I just love the power of doing that to him. Then I pulled his hand away and told him we had to get in the cab. He was so horny bless him. He had a raging hard on all the way home. As soon as we got in the door he pushed me up against the wall, wrapped my leg around his waist and away we went. Damn that was a good night!


Ooh,I’ve had many a debate about this kind of thing with the girls over a few glasses of vino. I don’t think it does, but then I’m pretty lucky because my man has a rather large love truncheon. My friends say size does matter. Girth is something that I hear a lot about. Apparently it’s better for us ladies if it’s fatter as we get more sensation from it rubbing the sides as opposed to going in deep. I guess if you were with someone who wasn’t as big you’d have to just spice it up with other things, like maybe using sex toys on each other.


Yes, a long time ago when I was at college. It was with my boyfriend at the time and another girl. I remember she had these utterly fabulous breasts. These huge pendulous swinging boobs and I can still really remember watching them flying back and forth as he was taking her from behind. I was all over them like a rash, I just couldn’t help myself. She lay on her back and I was playing with them for ages whilst he fiddled with my bits. He was chuffed to say the least.


What girl doesn’t? I’ve got a Rabbit, but I’m probably more into role playing. My man will walk in and say he’s found something that makes me a very naughty girl. I’ll be ready for him before he even gets the chance to ask. He’ll put me over his knee, pull down my knickers and gently but firmly spank me. It turns me on so much that I’ll come in less than a minute. He really loves it.

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